Hey everyone.
ColdShots here.
Played a few of these games so should pick it up fast. Glad to join up.

Hi ColdShots,

Welcome to ADI! What division are you interested in? I went Fleet sec myself, but intend to be as diverse as I can.

Welcome ColdShots! Great getting to know you a bit this morning.

Welcome aboard Coldshots! glad I got to talk with you this morning, I look forward to flying with you soon, see you in the Verse’

Welcome ColdShots! It is great to have you onboard. Don’t be shy about reaching out on Discord and Mumble. There are plenty of people on the majority of the time and everyone is helpful. I hope to run into you in the game and please done hesitate to reach out if you have questions or need help. Again, welcome!

Welcome coldshots,

Glad that you’ve joined ADI. Hope to catch you soon on mumble. Bye changenl

What games did you play?

Welcome by the way :slight_smile:

Hello ColdShots and welcome to ADI! What aspects of game play are you most interested in with Star Citizen? We’re glad to have you on the team. If you run into any questions about ADI or SC please let us know. You’re welcome to PM me here or on Discord any time.

Hey Coldshots! I am glad you made it on to the forums man!

Glad you joined us I very much enjoyed visiting with you on spectrum and on mumble.


Welcome! Though you may catch on fast there is still a lot to experience including a lot of different ships and vehicles to fly and ride, if you ever want to test something out, give a shot into discord and someone will gladly arrange a test ride for you!

ColdShots, Welcome