Hello all, MarineOnline here. New to Star Citizen … not new to simulators and definitely looking to grow more into Star Citizen. Looking forward to seeing everyone and exploring. CIAO!

Welcome Marine,
Glad to have you in the Org, hope to see you in the verse soon, If you have any questions let me know and I will help you the best I can or point you to someone who is more knowledgeable than me!
Follow me here, [url][/url], and hope to see you in the verse soon!

Hey MarineOnline, and welcome to ADI!

We’re glad to have you on board, and look forward to getting to know more about you while we get some flight time in. Be sure to ask any questions you might have and hang out in Mumble when you can…you can get to know a lot of folks there as well as meet a few members who are in your division!

Hey there MarineOnline - welcome to the ADI community!
It looks like you’ve been square away with your on boarding already (which is fantastic).

If you ever have any questions - dont hesitate to approach any of the staff members - we will always be happy to help when and where we can.

Welcome to ADI, MarineOnline. See you around

Welcome to ADI. It was sweet getting to fly with you I look forward to fly more with you.

Welcome to ADI MarineOnline! I hope to see you in our mumble and discord. Fly safe.

Welcome aboard MarineOnline! Glad to have you around. :slight_smile:

Hey there glad to have you with us!

Hi and welcome @MarineOnline to ADI glad to see you on bored and if you need anything. Don’t hesitate to send me a PM on here, discord or just grab me if you see me on Mumble and I’ll do my best to help you we are all here to help each other at the end of the day. I’m always about if you just want to fly or play a few rounds of star marine that’s great with me. well hope to see you soon


Welcome to ADI. Looking forward to exploring, does that mean you joined exploration and survey?

Come say hello on Mumble, I am always after a new wingman.