Introduction: Zizzlebizzle

Hello… New to Star Citizen . Not new to gaming. From Houston Texas. Willing to learn the ropes and put in for the team. Thanks for the invite. Looking forward to being a part of a Strong group. PvP Junkie and down to play roles.

Welcome to ADI Zizzle. I’m not much of a pvp’er myself. But always good to have a bunch of you guys. As you’re new to Star Citizen, I’ll give the advice given to most new players: Hide you wallet before “just this next ship” becomes a habbit.

Welcome to the org Zizzle! Glad to see you finally got connected. Hope to see you soon in the verse!


Hey Zizzile, welcome to ADI.
This sounds like the perfect org for you. There are plenty of great people here to hang out with and have a good time. They would be more than happy to help teach you the ropes.
Hope to see you around and if you need anything, feel free to hit me up on discord.
Sum Dum Bum

Welcome! We are all happy to help you in any way. Hope to hang out soon! Look me up anytime for a chat or some fun :grin:

Too late…lol They already got me for an upgrade only had it a few days… I’m so many are still in concept =:stuck_out_tongue: Still looking tho lol… Settled for a sub for now. Interested in seeing how thin semi persistence pays off

I feel sad for you. Before you know it, you’ve spent thousands of dollars on SC. So! What are you going to sacrifice in order to pray tribute to our lord and saviour, Chris Roberts?

Welcome aboard, plenty of people and opportunities in this org to learn from. Don’t feel bad, they get everyone, at the beggining i thought i will only have a Titan, now i am few hundred dollars in. :smile: Are you a marine, or a pilot/gunner?

Welcome to ADI! This is a great place to be for the things you listed. See you online soon!

Welcome aboard! Pvp used to be a strong suit of mine, but these days I’m better drifting around making cargo runs! Can’t have too many Marines though, and if that’s what you end up going for here, I’m sure you’ll be a welcome addition!

Welcome to ADI Zizzlebizzle. I’m glad you joined the team. I look forward to running into you in game.

Hey Zizzle!
Plenty people in ADI to play with and learn from! Mumble and Discord are great tools to get in touch with people for that. Also, Org Ops are fun if you want to play with bigger groups.
See you in the 'verse!

Welcome to ADI. I don’t do pvp all the time but over the years have been in some crazy scraps. The fact that you don’t now it’s coming some times can really get the heart going when you don’t just blow up lol. I would say jump in mumble when you play. Always people to fly with and learn from.

Welcome to ADI Zizzle :stuck_out_tongue: and welcome to the verse! If you have questions feel free to approach someone on Mumble or Discord as I’m sure is said before. :smiley: What kind of roles are you looking to fulfill?

Welcome to the org Zizzlebizzle!

Good to see you are looking to branch out into roles as needed. Combat is a necessary evil and help is appreciated. I just got a duel stick setup too and hear good things about it. If you need help with anything feel free to ask us on Mumbe chat and hope to catch you online.

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