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My name is Ywev, basically a silent y then wev. I played eve online for years did the industrial thing, and the pvp game. I then went to elite dangerous and played for about a year. I’ve been watching this game and I have been waiting for the mining to kick off so I would have something to do. I enjoy being on teams to fight off the bad guys, so our guys can mine, doing patrols, or getting dirty with a miner. Whatever fun we can have will be great. I purchased the Avenger Titan, to start out but looking at the prospector.

Always happy to have more miners, especially with all that juicy Quantanium. Welcome abooard

Hi Ywev,
Welcome to the group, glad you are here, Mining is fun, Maybe we can do a few mining missions together. See you around in the verse

Hey Ywev welcome to ADI, if you’re ever interested in mining lmk if i’m online!

Hey there Ywev! Always down to get dusty in the mines! Welcome to ADI!

Welcome ywev

Welcome Ywev to ADI. I know you are interested in mining and we have a number of members who focus on that. Just ask about mining on mumble and I am sure we can put together a mole team.

Welcome Ywev! Glad you chose ADI, we have lots of people with mining ships, and I’d be happy to loan you my prospector anytime! Hope to see you in the verse!

Welcome to ADI! It’s always great to have some new people around to mine with! See you in the verse!

Hello Ywev. Welcome to the community. Yes the game has had many changes. The avenger is an awesome ship. I have one myself and love to do small tasks with it. Mining too is something I. Interested in. Let me know when you need a crew mate and I’ll let you know when I’m in the verse so we can play together.

Welcome aboard Ywev I’m a former Eve guy as well, I was big into indie there and hoping some of that gameplay will exist in StarCitizen as well. Check out multicrew opportunities, box flying, and marine cert programs. Doing things with others is always more fun.

Welcome to ADI! The titan is a great starter ship, capable of doing almost anything. If you do make the jump to a mining ship, you can’t go wrong with a prospector. It is both rentable and purchasable in game so you can test it out easily enough if you don’t want to drop the cash on it :slight_smile: See you in the verse!

Hiya Ywev and welcome to ADI! Mining is definitely a worthwhile pastime at the moment. Ship week should be coming up soon if you’re looking to buy more ships. See you out there :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone for the welcomes. I still really haven’t been able to play, as my work has dramatically increased for some unknown reason, but I hope to be able to enjoy several hours on this weekend. Hope to see you all in game.

Welcome aboard. I have an avenger, it’s a good ship - capable fighter, cargo space for box missions and “high value” cargo, The Prospector is the best revenue generation ship available at the moment imo, so that’s a solid combo. At the current time there’s no real reason for anyone to try to hunt down miners on the surface of a moon. In the future it would be interesting to see that change. Quantum travel interdiction is possible at the moment but rare since there’s no loot yet. Loot is supposed to come online fairly soon if I recall correctly, so we should see that mechanic increasing, and start to see organized pirate activity to plan and protect against.

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Welcome to ADI Ywev! Happy to loan you my Prospector or Mole anytime. See you in the verse.

Wow I didn’t know about the loot ordeal is that loot they get from us? If so, when I see them I’m gonna be holding 100% inert material lol

Welcome to ADI Ywev. I’m glad you joined the team. I look forward to seeing you in game.

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