Introduction - Xamot


sort of a new player with SC. Just found an invite for ADI after researching this Org for a while. Still learning basically everything about the game/alpha/everything this game hopes to be. Been looking for a new MMO that was expansive and so far this has so much promise. Been a backer since January and love what I seed so far. Cant wait for more content.

Primary interests so far besides wasting tons of time:
Not sure what else, since have not tried that much as of yet.

Thanks for having me, can’t wait to dive into more aspects of the game and Org!



Welcome aboard Xamot! Glad to have you with us. Once 3.5 goes live, I’m looking forward to getting the Prospector out of the hangar again. It’s been a bit buggy with the scanning issues but hopefully they will have that fixed.



I was testing my prospector the other night, something is certainly a little off with mining it seems like compared to what I see in the 3.4 live patch now. But its PTU so I guess a certain amount of oddness is expected.

This reminds me, my list of ships.

Constellation Aquila
315i (I think that’s the one, new models look great)
Avenger Titan (forgot about this one lol)
Ursa Rover Fortuna ( will trade up for a carrack or something not yet announced?)



Welcome to ADI Xamot. Glad you joined up. Seems like we got a couple of divisions that you might enjoy tinkering around in. Which one did you join up initially?



Hello Xamot and welcome to ADI! I am glad to decided to take the first steps in joining the best ORG in Star Citizen! Be sure to follow up and get on boarded and you will be able to enjoy all the benefits of joining an ORG like ADI! See you in game!



Welcome aboard and see you in the verse.



Welcome Xamot! Glad to have you with us here at ADI, you picked the right org to call home. Will always need more miners and explorers, so you will fit in very nicely here. Looking forward to flying with you in the Verse!



Hi Xamot! Welcome to ADI! Mining ops are usually the most fun and relaxing, but the other stuff is great too. I can’t wait until 3.5 drops in the PU and we ramp them up. Cheers! o7



Welcome to ADI, Xamot! Apologies for my technical problems, sorry I couldn’t complete you onboarding. :unamused:



Welcome to ADI Xamot :slight_smile:

Nice to have you with us and awesome to talk to you in the onboarding.
I hope you find your home here.

See you in the Verse!



Welcome aboard to ADI Xamot! It appears you already know what you want to do in Star Citizen and ADI! Hoping to be providing you with protection or flying next to you the Verse one day! Regardless, see you in the Verse!



Welcome to ADI Xamot. ADI is the org you’re looking for. Not long ago Rataz ran an a sanctioned op that was all about protecting four prospectors as they mined Yela’s asteroid belt. It was very cool and I was lucky enough to be a part of it. I find mining particularly relaxing, so for me it’s a nice way to end the day. But don’t get me wrong I love our mass ops; from driving my MIS to being a member of the Marine fire team its all magnificent fun. And the impromptu ops running Cats full of WidOw are a blast; sometimes literally. Any ways, welcome, I look forward to running ops with you.



Hello there Xamot and welcome aboard here at ADI! Glad you have chosen us to be your first home, we have a lot of great people here and we can certainly get you up to speed here in Star Citizen! Hope to meet you soon and fly with you here in the 'verse.



Howdy Xamot!
Good to have you.
Exploration and Survey FTW!
Hope to fly with you soon in the verse.



Welcome Xamot! Tis awsome that you chose ADI and I look forward to seeing you out there with us!



Definitely glad to see more Exploration types flirting with danger in the unknown regions of space. The better to mine untapped resources! Welcome to Atlas Defense Industries Xamot If you’ve questions or need a hand feel free to yell and someone’ll be around!



Glad to have you. You are gonna have to start learning again (along with everyone else) because a new flight model is about to drop in 3.5. This group will help find your way in the galaxy. See ya in the Verse!



Welcome to ADI, Xamot! Anyone would be happy to help you learn the game, let me know if you have any questions!



Welcome Xamot to ADI, glad you could join us =D