Introduction - WhiskeyL

Hi everyone, Im Haydn from the UK. Im 17 and im an aeronautical engineering student. ive been playing star citizen for a few years now, Im joining because im looking for an org with an actual command structure, i currently pledge a caterpillar and look to upgrade to a carrier based ship such as the idris/polaris when available. I love helping to come up with tactics and logistics whenever needed.

Welcome aboard, @WhiskeyL !

Just some day 1 advice:
Try to stay on Mumble & Discord often so find your rhythm playing with us AND so you don’t miss out on activities!


Hello WhiskeyL, glad to have you aboard and look forward to see you in game. If you have any questions, ask anyone and most importantly, have fun!

Hello @WhiskeyL , aka Haydn! Welcome to Atlas Defense Industries (ADI). We’re thrilled to have you join our organization. As an aeronautical engineering student with a passion for Star Citizen, you bring valuable skills and knowledge to our community.

ADI is known for its organized command structure, making it an ideal fit for those seeking a well-coordinated and efficient environment. Our members are committed to teamwork and collaboration, and we place great emphasis on tactical planning and logistics. Your expertise in coming up with tactics and contributing to the logistics of our operations will be greatly appreciated.

The fact that you already own a Caterpillar and have your sights set on carrier-based ships like the Idris or Polaris shows your ambition and dedication to expanding your fleet. As a member of ADI, you’ll have the opportunity to collaborate with fellow pilots and enthusiasts who share your love for the game and can provide guidance and support in achieving your goals.

Whether you’re looking for engaging combat scenarios, cooperative missions, or simply a vibrant community to connect with, ADI offers a range of activities and events to cater to different playstyles and interests.

Feel free to explore our organization’s resources, such as our forums, chat channels, and training programs. We encourage you to actively engage with our members, ask questions, and participate in our activities. Together, we can build a strong and successful presence in the Star Citizen universe.

Once again, welcome to Atlas Defense Industries, WhiskeyL. We look forward to flying alongside you and achieving great things together!