Introduction: WEST33

Hello all, WEST33 here.

I only have a few days of play time in SC but I am enjoying myself. as of now I have only the basic starter ship. “AURORA MR”

So far all I’ve really done is some light cave spelunking.

I wish to expand my knowledge, experience and team work.

Thank You.

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Hey West and welcome to ADI.
Great time to get into the game. Lots of new content has come out in the latest update
If you ever have any questions about the game, don’t hesitate to ask on discord or mumble, everyone will be happy to help you out.
See you in the verse!


Hey West,
Welcome to the ORGm
Hope you enjopy your time here,
We post ops and certs on our forums so keep an eye out.
A really good way to get some group play in and to learn the ins and outs

Hi WEST33 and welcome to ADI dude!

Wow new to Star Citizen!!! That’s awesome, I wish sometimes that I got to find out this game later than I originally started playing…(hehehe I would be stuck on the hype train for 6 months straight for sure)

There is nothing wrong with the Aurora MR man, the ships you want can be earned in-game and plus they give you a target to what you want to achieve in the game and can change your strategy on how to earn it :slight_smile:

Cave spelunking is really new, and I bet CIG have only touched the surface with cave environments so I’m really curious to see how they will be developed further.

Yeah if you want to learn more about the game, just hang around learn new tricks in-game or just make new friends hop on Mumble man and let the adventure with ADI begin :slight_smile:


Welcome to the org WEST33, good to have you with us. As a few people have already mentioned, the Aurora MR is by no means a bad ship, just somewhat limited in use. Many of the ships in game can be bought with in game currency, and you can fly any of my ships when I am online. Hoping to fly with you soon, so see you in the verse!


Thanks guys! cant wait to strut my “STUFF” with you all… as soon as SC lets me.

Welcome to the org @WEST33,

Aurora is a great beginner ship and you started playing at a great time with all the new content coming out.

I really hope that minor bugs won’t discourage you to support SC, hope to see you in the verse bro.

Hello WEST33 and welcome to ADI
Sure thing BRO jump in the game and we all can do some missions together good team play see you soon .

Welcome to ADI @WEST33. Feel free to group up with me whenever you see me online! More than happy to share some ships and check out some caves.

Welcome West! Great to have you on board my man. Great time to get into the game! I love the caves system. Gotta get your a backpack and handheld multi tool and you can make some quick bucks while you’re down there. Hit me up next time we’re both on and I’m happy to show ya.

Yo West! I personally love the Aurora :slight_smile: Not only can it do a lot of things, it’s the ship that is comparable to somebody’s first car, being a ticket to freedom and brings with itthe exhileration of things to come :smiley: Have fun flying it and welcome to the club, both ADI and SC!

Be well and fly safe!

Welcome, WEST, glad to have you aboard! If you need any help or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask , we’re always here to help. Looking forward to flying with you in the Verse!

@WEST33 I think the Aurora is a better choice in starter ships over the mustang. If you are exploring caves I would highly recommend getting a few package delivery missions done and buying the utility tool with the mining head, the ruck sack, and a handful of flares. If you go for the missing person mission in the cave the flares will help you find your way out, And you can do FPS mining as you go.

Welcome to ADI West33. That’s what we’re all about; enjoying ourselves so thanks for adding your smile to ours. I look forward to mining with you.

Greetings @WEST33, welcome to the ADI team and our little corner of the Verse. You’ll find quite a bit to get acquainted with so feel free to throw out questions, we are always happy to help out.

Welcome to ADI glad to have you with us =D

Welcome to ADI. You can do a lot with an Aurora, especially with some wingmen. Hope to be one of them some day :slight_smile:

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