Introduction - W00k13

Hello Verse!

So i just bought the game yesterday, ive been researching for months for a game to replace some of my old ones. mainly im replacing Aces High3, ive been an avid member in the AH3 community for 20 years almost and still fly with the same set of guys primarily. ill be convincing a few to follow me to Star Citizen im sure.

AH3 is an online ww2 flight sim, that is primarly what i am looking for out of star citizen will be the flight aspect, im already looking at the dual joystick set up but for now my current set up works fine.

im looking for a group of people to just hang out with while i explore, listen and learn together, and do some cool space battles.

Im an engineer by trade, recently left Kyocera and am now full time self employeed building, flying, selling, and repairing drones.

looking forward to hanging out and meeting you all!


Great to see you joined. Sorry I missed you in the mumble lobby I was finishing helping the kids with homework.
I look forward to flying with you!!

i was just hopping on to configure it, didnt know i was welcome really yet. ill be around =)

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Welcome to the org! Never played aces high. My father got me into Microsoft combat flight sim. Then I got into ww2 online then il2.

What interests you in Star citizen? You looking to be a miner? Cargo pilot? Looking to get into the fighter pilot field and all that offers :)?

Once you get on mumble someone will help you complete the onboarding! Looking forward to flying in the verse alongside ya!

i still fly AH that addiction started back with Air Warriors in the 90s on AoL!!

mining is a profession that if i have to do it to advance or to better the group i will, but not my favorite thing to do.

bounty hunting maybe, and fighter piloting is what im looking forward to. just need a new Hotas and then to figure out all the mapping and learn in. i got months of work ahead of me!!

but right now im just running simple tasks, i still have yet to complete one, i accidentally ejected on one, crashed on the other. you know, learning to fly all over again haha!!!

when is a good time for mumble onboarding and such

Welcome to ADI

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Welcome Wook13

Doing bounties, some mercenary work and gonna be mining and trading soon. You are more than welcome to join in. Just make sure you poke me either on mumble or discord beforhead so we can group up. Il2 is my firs love, was the last winter i dicidet to play it again.

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Welcome to ADI, W00k13! Don’t get discouraged when, not if, you die multiple times. Ask questions and plenty of us will help you out if you need it.

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I happily spent 5 hours last night only mapping my controls and logged off satisfied with not actually doing anything

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Welcome Wook13!

I remember getting into SC about a year ago, I was completely lost! What really helped me was hanging in our Mumble and asking questions when I got stuck.

Nice to see more Engineers join!

Kind Regards,

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Welcome home Wook! We’ve got some great pilots here and a terrific training program. There’s a flight practice session this evening if you are interested. Check the discord Jobs Training Events section of discord for more info. See ya in the verse!

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Lol, we’ve all been there. Now that you think they’re mapped. You can get in to combat then you can adjust the set-up, fight again, adjust the set-up, fight again, adjust the set-up… It’s taken me months to get it the way I want and I still consider changing things around.

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@GrinninFossil i dont have access to the discord channels yet, i have the calander linked to my google calander and see the training event.

@FatHeadedZebra i just learned today about the gameglass, opinions? i already set it up but havent used it yet. i also just found out today there is an offline singleplayer mode where i can just jump right into a ship. that has made testing beautiful and streamlined changes for me thus far. but i ahvent seen actual combat yet. im still learning the weapon systems and mapping them efficently as i can.

i did the default warthog with the hotas but meh, changes needed to be made and i honestly think i will be switching away from pedal rudders and doing dual sticks with the warthog stick and my t.16000 and just maybe use gameglass for my hotas stuff as i can buiild my own layout

but then now ill need to 3d print mounts and such. here i thought i was just buying a game


Welcome to ADI
Looking forward to meeting you in the verse

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I’ve bought so much since buying this game. I don’t use gameglass but do enjoy VoiceAttack however I wouldn’t map anything on there that’s essential to survival due to accuracy.
I use dual sticks and love them but speed control can be more complex because of them. I don’t have pedals but believe they’d be useful (I’m just not sure how until I have them). Definitely make your own configuration.

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Welcome o ADI W00k13!
If you are looking for a lot of flying, you will get a lot of that from Star Citizen. We also have many Org Ops where we work as a team to complete a common mission. If you ever need someone to ground pound with you feel free to add me. See you in the verse!

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