Introduction Vaporsie2479

I am new to RSI learning to play and enjoy this game. Been playing MMO’s for a while.

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Welcome to ADI! What MMOs we talking here? Haha. Plenty of things to learn in Star Citizen! Have a great time and Ill fly with you soon I am sure

Welcome to ADI vaporise2479. I’m glad you joined the team. I look forward you taking part in our mining exercises.

Hi @vaporise2479, welcome to ADI. What gameplay are you looking forward to?

@vaporise2479 welcome aboard! what brought you to ADI and Star Citizen? What interests you, the bounty hunting, exploration, or just it being a huge space game? :wink: ADI is the right place to learn Star Citizen as the Org provides alot of training and its members are extremely helpful and knowledgeable!
will see ya in the 'verse!

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