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Hello everyone,

I’ve been on SC for about 5 years now. I’ve been mostly playing by myself and thought an org would make things a lot more interesting. I look forward to piloting with you all, when I get time through my schedule. I’m a big fan of Drake ships, having a cutlass and caterpillar. I’ve also got a prospector and recently picked up a warbond for the corsair. I am in the US military station in Spain at the moment so getting on at the same time as everyone may be bit difficult but I’ll certainly try.


Urso Kronsage

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Hi Urso, Welcome to ADI. The cutlass is a great ship, its so much more versatile compared to some of the others. Hope to see you in the verse but don’t worry too much about getting on at the same time as everyone (We have people in the EU so your not alone and really life comes first :smiley: ).



Welcome to ADI. We got plenty of European members so someone is sure to be on most hours of the day



Welcome Urso! Glad to have you with us here at ADI, you picked the right org to call home. Feel free to set up your Mumble and if you haven’t already, complete an application and we can get you started towards full member. Hope to see you soon!



Welcome to ADI Urso Kronsage. I think you’ll come to enjoy multiplayer with a crew watching your back. Think of it as an insurance policy. I have a Prospector and a couple Freelancers. I love prospecting before going to bed; I find it relaxing. After playing alone for so long you may find Mumble a little crowded, sometimes its like talk radio. If it becomes too much, don’t “deafen” yourself, just move to one of the rooms so people can still reach out to you if necessary. The mass ops, when you can make them, just pure fun. I look forward to running ops with you.



Welcome aboard to ADI Urso! What branch are you in? I am sure you already know a lot of us are either active duty personnel or veterans like myself. You have a very nice spread of ships and I would love to get the Drake Scourge Pack but the CFO may deny me … LOL. If I was able to get the Scourge pack, I would turn in my current pledge into Sq 42 and Verse Access only, and use the rest of the money towards something else if I can. As for the Cutlass, the Cutlass is awesome even if it is not as maneuverable as an Arrow, Gladius, or Hornet. See you soon in the Verse!



Urso, welcome to ADI! Don’t worry about time zones, when it’s active there’s people on from all over the world at different times. It’s almost fun in itself to log on at various times and get to know different groups. I hear the Drake Buccaneer is in a great place in the new 3.5 flight model. See you off my wing!



Welcome to ADI Urso. As others have said, we have plenty of European players so the time difference is no big deal. Glad to have you with us!



Welcome Urso!
And Welcome to EU and my timezone :wink:
In summer there might be not as much OPs for this timezone, but it will change with the ongoing development of and player interest in SC.
Once the mayor patches will stop reseting player data. :drooling_face:

Have a safe stay, I hope I can catch you in the Verse!



Saludos Urso! If you need a gunner for your Cat, I’ll be happy to help you out. I’m usually on early. See you soon!



Welcome aboard!
being in an org is more interesting than just single player to me.
Looking forward to flying with you in the verse!



Welcome to ADI Urso :slight_smile:

Nice to have you with us.

See you in the Verse!



Welcome to ADI Urso! I too am a fan of Drake ships even though the Cat always tries to murder me when I get up from the pilot Chair. o7



Urso. Welcome glad your with us. See you in the verse.



Urso, welcome to ADI. I also have a sweet spot for Drake ships, so I get where you are coming from. You should give the Buc a shot sometime, it’s fun to fly and has that distinctive Drake styling. Look forward to flying with you soon



I’m in the Air Force, enjoying traveling overseas for the time being.



Thanks for your Service Urso-Kronsage. I hope to see you in the verse!



What do you do in the Air Force? I am thinking about enlisting in the Air Force after I graduate college.



Welcome to the org Urso! Star Citizen is alot of fun with others to play with and you chose a great group to do so with. Hope to fly with you out there between the stars!



I’m in communications, network infrastructure. Configuring routers, switches, voip phones and the physical cables. Though I’ve been debating changing. The Air Force is doing an incentive for people to become nurses and get a commission.