Introduction Trev10

Hello, Trev10 here. My real name is…well…Trevor. back in 2010 I wanted something easy to remember.

I started playing SC back in 2015 and didn’t really get into it will all the bugs. I currently started playing again and am loving it. I’m pretty much bad at everything in game and am broke but having fun trying everything out.

I’m a previous Eve online player and also like Osiris.

Real life I’m a Data Center Technician and a Prior Army helicopter crew member (CH-47D). I work an odd schedule with 12 hour shifts including nights so my play times will change but usually put in a good amount of game time during the week. I look forward to playing with you guys and learning how not to suck!


Hey Trev10, Welcome to ADI, Youll fit in quite well here theres alot of ex EVE players and alot of Current and Ex Military

Hope to See ya in the 'Verse Soon!

Welcome to ADI bro. See you in the ‘verse.

mmm chinook…
welcome to ADI! our chinooks are valks :smiley:

Welcome to ADI, see you in Mumble

Welcome Trev! Hope to see you in Mumble soon and keep an eye out for org operations/events on the calendar. They are great experiences!

Welcome Trev10 - I feel you. Been on and off with SC here and there - and I’m still learning and short on cash too - lol. But ADI is a great Org with ongoing training events and very helpful members.

Welcome aboard Trev!

Welcome to ADI Trevor! Fun story - When I was a wee lad, a CH-47 and a UH-1 landed at the airport in our town. When the CH-47 took off, the downwash knocked me down and took my cap off my head. The cap was pushed through the crack of a hanger door. We had to come back the next day to retrieve it. I bet everyone onboard had a chuckle.

There are many knowledgeable people here who are willing to teach you anything you want to know. I hope to see you soon.