Introduction Toxotis

Heyo! My name is Toxotis (TOX-OH-TIS). I live in NH and have been playing SC for a while, but decided to get more involved lately and join a group. Happy to help anyone out.



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Welcome aboard!!! Glad you found your way here. Make yourself comfy.

Welcome, what made you choose ADI and what gameplay are you interested in?

welcome to ADI.
any specific mission u like in SC?
looking forward to meet you in the verse

Hey TOX-OH-TIS, welcome! Might need help with some bunker missions at Crusader today. Feel free to hop in mumble chat channel.

I chose ADI since it seemed a bit more mature than the others, I am not a fan of drama and typically avoid MMO-style games because of that.
…And I was getting a little tired of mining and running around the map solo.

As for gameplay, right now I enjoy support more than combat, so I end up taking a lot of medical beacons or running a taxi service when needed. Would like to do more combat missions, but need a solid group.

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Welcome Aboard to ADI!

Yea, there are plenty of people doing combat missions, and they always need a dedicated Support (i.e. medic)! Jump on mumble and you should see a fairly decent size group throughout the day, as we have people from all over and down under.

See you in the 'verse.

and stay safe from them leafers :wink:

There’s loads going on within ADI which you can get involved with. Don’t you find that the medical beacons are usually traps?

I have seen some traps, but I never go in without scouting first. Would be nice to have people to help with things like that. :slight_smile:

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The support from members of this org in situations that have cropped up, completely unplanned have made for some of the best gameplay I’ve ever had from any game

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Welcome to ADI @Toxotis, Hope you enjoy your time with the Org, look forward to catching you around the verse.

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Great to have you here.l, Toxotis. Welcome to ADI

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Hi Toxotis and welcome to the org. Hope to see you in the verse some time.