Introduction Toxicantfire

Hello I like to join Atlas Defense Industries.

I like to play Star citizen as freelancer and be a fighter pilot

I do play red dead redemption.

i come from Scotland so sorry about my accent lol


welcome aboard Toxicantfire! The Freelancer is a great ship, hope to catch you in the verse, or in our mumble. I want to visit scotland one day.

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Hey there, Toxicanfire! Welcome to the Team. What ship/s are you using or looking forward to get? I look forward to seeing you out in the 'Verse!

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Thank you for welcoming me as new member of the org

Hi Toxic, I’m Geordie, I might understand you a bit, I’ll translate if need be :laughing:
Welcome to ADI!

yeah you might, You Geordies like us but you like speak at some speed lol

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That’s proppa tru like

Scots are dandy. Welcome to ADI Toxicantfire. I’m glad you joined the team. I look forward to working and playing with you.

I looking forward playing star citizen with you at some point next week :slight_smile:

Welcome to the team, Toxicantfire!

There’s all kinds of accents in ADI, don’t worry about it.

What gameplay in Star Citizen do you enjoy the most?

I enjoy doing mining claims mission and bunker clearance

Welcome to ADI @Toxicantfire! Which Freelancer is your preferred?

I like all the freelancers but my favourite is Connie andromeda if the rockets just work lol

Hi Toxic, Welcome to the org. You’ll want to look at Fleet Security Division for fighter pilot.

See you in the verse!

I was looking to be a fighter pilot but the marines look more interesting lol

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