Introduction - Tiranathon

Hi I’m Tiranathon, a 40ish year old gamer, found Star Citizen a couple of weeks ago, and although new, im gripped, got your email inviting me to Atlas, so I’m here, you all look very organised and sensible so im keen to get involved.!


Tiran out.

Welcome to ADI Tiranathon :slight_smile:

Nice talking to you in the onboarding.
I hope you find yourself at home here.

See you in the Verse!

Hello Tiranathon and welcome to ADI! It is a pleasure to be in your onboarding and getting to know you. I think its great that we have had some of the same experiences, i.e. EVERQUEST! That is a blast from the past! I hope you enjoy ADI as your new family and I look forward to seeing you in the Verse!

Welcome to ADI, Tiranathon. Glad you are enjoying your first few weeks of SC. It only gets better with a well organized group and that is what you have with ADI. Feel free to try out any ships or aspects of the game when you get into a group. Look forward to flying with you.

Welcome to ADI, Tiranathon. You’ve signed up for the right org. What ships have you added to your fleet? Just so you know, don’t hesitate to ask to test a ship out.

Salutations, Tiranathon! Sounds like you’ll fit right in with us. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. Hope to see you in the 'Verse soon!

Greetings Tiranathon, great to see you here aboard ADI! Good to see another backer joining the Star Citizen universe, we can certainly help you get started on the right track! Hope to fly with you soon here in the 'verse!

Greetings Tiranathon,

Welcome to ADI we’re glad to have you here. I’m not that far away from the 40ish gamer part either. I look forward to playing with you.


Welcome to ADI Tiranathon, we appreciate the compliments and will make sure we don’t let you down. SC is great and if you have any questions, feel free to ask. See you in the verse.

Welcome to ADI, Tiranathon!

Suggest watching YouTube’s, ask questions on Mumble and pick up on all the chatter… I still learn something every day while helping others. Great time to be playing, and ADI pays tons of dividends for us gamers.


hey there tiran don’t feel to bad we have a lot of older gamers in our ranks you will fit right in :slight_smile: If you have any questions about SC or the org don’t hesitate to let me know :slight_smile:

Welcome to ADI, Tiranathon! The beauty of games like Star Citizen, is that it appeals to a wide variety of gamers, both young and old. Look forward to catching up with you in game.

Run fast! Haha just kidding but SC can be very addicting. Welcome to ADI and plenty of good folks here to help you along.

Hello Tiran and welcome!

Sounds like you’ll fit in quite well with ADI. What is it about SC that interests you the most?

See you in the 'verse!

Welcome Tiranathon to ADI, i see you in the verse =D

Hello Tiranathon welcome to ADI and hope to see you around in the Universe.