Introduction: TheCanonKanon

Moin, my name is Robert and I’m from Germany.
I’m 30 years old and work as an System Administrator.
I started with Star Citizen just last year and i want to find a community with which to have a good time.
Normaly i would prefer trading/mining, but I try to play every part of the game atleast a bit.

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Welcome Canon (Ill stick with that spelling! Haha).

Glad to have another European onboard! Plenty of people doing a little of everything so you’ll find someone to chill with I am sure. See you out there

Welcome to ADI!
Which ship are you enjoying atm?

Thanks for the warm welcome.

Yeah i hope so too.

At the Moment I’m flying my Sabre for some NPC Bounty Hunting/Combat Training.
It’s not much but it’s honest work and because trading feels rather unrewarding at the moment it’s the thing I do mostly in the verse.
If trading gets patched I will start to use my Andromeda more again, I also plan to buy a Caterpillar shortly thanks to the Bountys.

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Welcome to ADI TheCanonKanon. I’m glad you joined the team. I look forward to your participation in our mining missions.

I really need to do more bounty missions. I got attacked yesterday, rather than fight I ran to the nearest ADI member who was kind enough to buy me time to run.
I did try to fire back a few times but I’m soooooo bad.
The CAT is awesome. I never thought I’d like it but fell in love with the basic no thrills design of it. Hopefully trade will get patches in 3.13


There are quite a bit of European players in ADI, so I’m sure you can find a good amount of people to play with! I also started a year or so ago, and really enjoy just trying lots of things.

As far as mining goes, we have a great mining division, and they have a lot of mining missions you can join!

Welcome to ADI Canon, I look forward to seeing you in the verse! Not a mining guy myself but if you ever need some security, I’m your man

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