Introduction: TheAwesomeLoner

Hi. My name is Andreas from norway, i am awful with words, so this will be short. I like flying in figthers, but also am intresteded in science and cargo. I am not used to play with others, but i want too, so i join the org. Hope to have fun with all of you!

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Pretty awesome introduction compared to some I’ve seen. Welcome to ADI!
What ship are you enjoying at the minute?
Have you been in an org before?

Welcome to ADI TheAwesomeLoner. I’m glad you joined the team. You’re not alone anymore, not in ADI. Norway is well represented here. There’s lots to do here so don’t hesitate to sign up for activities, add to Discord chat and read up on how things get done in the forums. If you’re into mining, Fieldbear is running a ROC mining exercise tomorrow at 2pm US Central time (known as ADI time) which is the equivalent of 9pm CEST.

Hello fellow Norwegian! Nice to have you with us. Looking forward to playing with you in the verse! Not to worry, I have found the org to be very helpful and friendly. Ask if you have questions, and you will get answers :wink:

Thank you. all of my ships are loaners, so currently just the super hornet. No never been in an org before.

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Welcome to ADI! I look forward to flying with you soon!

Don’t worry about being a loner - super introverts are welcome - heck they even let me in!

This is a good org the people in here a re great. I flew a hornet for the first time the other day and really enjoyed it.

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