Introduction - The_Rybot

I’m The_Rybot, or just Rybot is fine.

I’ve played SC on and off since 2014 or so, but not much each time.
I currently haven’t played since 2020, but now that there are some gameplay loops that are fun to me, I plan on playing more regularly.
I’m also a bit hardware limited, but I’m going to rectify that soon with some computer upgrades. I’m due for a new CPU (8 year old processor), so I’m excited to get some smoother framerates.

I have a small, but effective collection of ships.
Freelancer MIS
Vanguard Warden

I plan on expanding my collection soon with a Mole and possibly a Buccaneer.

In any case, I look forward to meeting some new folks and having some casual fun in the game with everyone.


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@The_Rybot , welcome aboard ADI. We are glad to have you. Hope to see you the verse soon!

Welcome to ADI! Excited to have you join us, say hi if you see me online! You can usually find me trading and shipping, but I’m open to pretty much every gameplay loop.

Hello Rybot! It’s a pleasure to meet you. It sounds like you have a history with Star Citizen dating back to 2014, and now that there are more enjoyable gameplay loops, it’s a great time to dive back into the 'verse.If you ever have questions about the game or need assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out. Welcome back to Star Citizen, and may your adventures in the 'verse be thrilling and memorable! :rocket::smile:

Welcome to ADI @The_Rybot !!! If you ever want to get into cargo running hit me up on discord or mumble! See you in the verse!!!

Welcome to ADI! We have lots of active players with variable interests so I’m sure you’ll be ablt to find like minded members. Look forward to meeting in the 'verse!

Welcome and glad to have you, hope to see you in mumble and in game!

Hello and welcome, @The_Rybot ! You have been playing SC for a while! I didn the same thing (though I didn’t starrt as early as you did) - left and came back a few times over the years. SC is in much better shape these days, and ADI makes it all the more fun.

I suggest spending time on the Mumble “Chatting” channel and the Discord “org_chat” channel to get connected and oriented. Looking forward to seeing yo in the 'verse!

Happy to always see an enthusiastic face, hop on mumble and wed love to adventure with you!