Introduction - SuperFreshAvocado

Hello everyone!

I am SuperFreshAvocado! I am 27 yo. I am somewhat familiar with various aspects of Star Citizen but never been part of an org. Pretty excited and looking forward to learning new things!

I am full time employee, but weekends and afternoons on weekdays I am mostly free.

Again, happy to be part of this org!

Hello and welcome to Star Citizen and ADI!

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Welcome in @SuperFreshAvocado! Glad you are joing ADI. Hope you ejoy being here and be sure to check out the calendar! Hope to see you in the verse!

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Lots of new Avocados! Welcome to the group!

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Welcome @SuperFreshAvocado glad to have you in the org. Lots of fun activities happen within the org so hop in chatting on discord sometime.

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So many Avocados! Any more and you guys are going to need a special squadron or something. Welcome to the org!

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Welcome to the team :slight_smile:

Org varies from employed, students, retired, etc…

Ya came to the right place, looking forward to seeing ya in the verse :slight_smile:

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Thanks Everyone!! Haha really cool to have a lot of us Avocs.
Looking forward to all the activities!

Welcome to ADI Super!

Welcome to the team, SuperFresh! You’ve picked a great org to start running with. Lots going on right now with the patch around here, so plenty of opportunities to jump into some group play if you hang in Discord and get to know the gang. Hope to see you out there soon!

Hello Avocado, good choice to join and Org now for the first time, the game has just made a giant leap forward and there’s no better way than enjoying it with us! :slight_smile: o7

welcome to ADI this is a great org to join up with hope to see you out in the verse!

Welcome to ADI glad to have you here hope to see you out there!!!