Introduction such as it is

Greetings all.
Name is Jon and I’m checking in from Central PA. I haven’t been excited enough about ANY game since the 90’s to actually jump back into PC gaming. But then here comes Star Citizen full of real promise and creativity and I had to tag along.
So here I am trying to get back into the swing of serious gaming status once more.

Heya @Misun

Its nice to meet you. Im happy to see that you are trying to get into pc gaming again! SC is an always developing game so it has alot of things to offer for everyone.
But while we are waiting for its release why not try one of our other supported games? Those can be alot of fun too and we have alot of active players in different kind of games,
Also dont forget to hop on mumble to finish your onboarding! I hope to see you on mumble or ingame!

Happy greatings from Belgium

I’ll be sure to check out some of the other games and possibly choose one or two others to play as time permits.
As for Mumble I’ll be taking care of that once I am on my own personal PC. I’ll catch you and everyone else there sometime soon.

Sure thing hope to see you around in chat soon!

Welcome to ADI Misun! If you have any questions you can always ask us and we’d be happy to help you. Flight nights are every Friday. Check more info about flight night or our other events here:

I hope to see you in mumble and discord.

Hi and welcome @Misun to ADI glad to see you on bored and if you need anything. Don’t hesitate to send me a PM on here, discord or just grab me if you see me on Mumble and I’ll do my best to help you we are all here to help each other at the end of the day. I’m always about if you just want to fly or play a few rounds of star marine that’s great with me. well hope to see you soon

Hey there Jon - welcome to the ADI community!
its great to see SC bringing people back to the ways of PC gaming with excitement.

If you haven’t don’t so already, hop onto our mumble server when you get a moment - it’s a good place to get to know our more active members and staff as well as get some game time in with other players. While you are there, talk to a staff member (denoted by a |T| |AD| or {D} prefix to their names) about completing your onboarding process!

I always like to make it clear that if you have any questions while you are here, don’t hesitate to reach out and ask one of us - we will do our best to get you the answers you are looking for.

Welcome again and I look forward to getting some game time in with you.

Please note it could take a day or two for your application to be processed. That said - the only thing this will delay is your access to the private forums here on this site - once your onboarding is complete you are free to get fully engaged with the ADI community!

Welcome to ADI, Misun. I agree Star Citizen is the best space game to come along in years. Be sure to check out our other supported and unsupported games though. Being in a coordinated group definitely changes how you feel about a meh title


Welcome aboard matey… You’re in the right place to become a serious gamer once more.

Not being from America I just had to google Central PA to figure out where you are from! :laughing: Because of the time zone difference it is unlikely, but if you see me on mumble come say hello… I’ll give you all the Star Citizen advice I can, which will take about 20 seconds, based on my flying ability. :laughing:


Welcome to ADI. Oman pc great fun, excited to get to fly with you feel free to look me up.