Introduction StarLichtX

Hey im StarLicht, im new to star citizens , playing other game’s as well like warframe, and on.
Im from belgium , speak dutch and English.

Welcome to ADI! This is a great group of people and we also play other games besides SC. See you around soon!

Welcome StarLichtX,

Were glad to have you here with us. I’m a fan of some Warframe, I might join you some time then.

welcome to ADI my friend from belgium, send me that high percentage good stuff haha, happy to fly with you.

Welcome aboard StarLicht
Feel free to hop on mumble and hang out. There is always a great group hanging out and Im sure they would be more than happy to help show the ropes. Its always a great time here.
Hope to see you around and if you need anything, feel free to hit me up on discord.
Sum Dum Bum

Welcome to the team, StarLichtx, we’re happy to have you and look forward to seeing you in the verse!


Welcome to ADI StarLicht. I’ve been to belgium a couple of times. One which included directing traffic on a country road, shortly after having a beer. Fun time. That was the French part of the country though.

Welkom bij ADI! :wink: Looking forward to seeing you in our ops.

Welcome! It’s great to have you on board! See you in the verse! :grin:

Welcome aboard, i also play Warframe, my main is Rhino Prime, i am MR17. If you ever have a question about star citizen, there are plenty of people in the org willing to help.

Welcome to ADI, It’s a pretty amazing game alpha, if you are new to the game I would say always jump in to mumble and join the public group. Lots on nice people that play a lot and you can learn a ton just lurking, and if you have questions just ask.

Welcome to ADI StarLichtX; I’m glad you joined the team. I’ll see you in game.

Hi StarLicht, welcome to the org! I actually played warframe a few years ago, one of the best sci-fi games out there (besides SC of course)

Hey StarLichtX, welkom!
What’s your MR on Warframe? I think I got to MR21 when I still played it, which was about 2 years ago now I think.

Welcome to the org StarLichtX!

I play warframe as well. If you need help with anything feel free to ask us on Mumbe chat and hope to catch you online.

Welcome to ADI! Check out our org ops and join one that fits your fancy. Always plenty of group play to be had!

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