Introduction: SirToadie


I am Sirtoadie, been a gamer all of my life.
I’m closer to 40 than thirty and have a long experience playing various computer games and have fallen in love with Star Citizen.

So far there are many macro game play loops that interest me and it will be fun to explore them further when they come online. I’m more into support/indy than fighter pilot or marine (can be though, teamplayer for teh win)

I’m looking forward to playing with you guys.

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Welcome to ADI @SirToadie,

Nice speaking with you in the OB. Hope you find your home here.

Welcome to ADI! I hope that you are able to enjoy the game. See you in the verse!

Welcome aboard. Look forward to flying with you in the near future. Look in to cert opportunities such as box flying and marine cert.

Welcome SirTiadie

Welcome aboard, SirToadie. I think you’ll like it here. What ship(s) did you get to start with?

Welcome to ADI SirToadie! Always good to do some combat, helps when you get jumped doing the support jobs :slight_smile: I’m an explorer but it’s always fun to jump in a turret and blow some bad guys up. See you in the verse!

Welcome to ADI SirToadie! There’s plenty of support roles that will be implemented into the game hopefully sooner rather than later! Looking forward to meeting you, see you out there.

Welcome to ADI SirToadie! See you around the Verse.

Hi Sirtoadie, Welcome to the group, Glad to hear that you enjoy SC, this group makes gameplay 100x better, everyone is here to help and make the whole experience a fun and enjoyful one. See you in the verse.

SirToadie welcome to ADI! Make sure you check out the ops and training activities to enhance your skill set and learn new tricks.

Welcome to ADI SirToadie. I’m glad you joined the team. See you in game.

Hey Toadie. Welcome to ADI. Yours are the same words I spoke out after playing SC for the first time, and even now I can say I’m completely addicted and hooked with this game. Nice to have a fella in similar situation. Let’s fly together soon. I’m always here if you need anything

Hey Toadie welcome to ADI hope you enjoy your time here and remember only you can prevent pirate attacks

Thanks everybody for the very warm welcome, i appreciate it :grinning:

Hey man, healers are the best when it is the option. Healing ship please!
Welcome to ADI!

Lets blow some stuff up together

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