Introduction - Sintrosi

My name is Sintrosi and I am very new to star Citizen!
I did receive the automated message via the RSI invite link almost a week ago but I feel comfortable enough with core gameplay to finally decide to join!

I have sent in an application to join, and I have joined the mumble as well.
I hope to meet and hang out with a lot of people here!

A little about my roleplay is I have come over from GTA RP and I am usually the one that stays the good casual citizen doing normal day-to-day jobs and giving light-hearted RP.

A bit about the real me. I have been playing games now for the last 21 years of my life! I get the most enjoyment out of RPGs metroidvania’s and puzzle platformers.
My commitment to online events is very limited as I have a very busy work and life schedule. Father of 1 and 3 pet children and I drive a truck for work which has helped me with cargo role play in GTA as well.
I hope to meet you all in the Staton system!

~~ Sintrosi ~~


Welcome to ADI @Sintrosi, hope you enjoy playing with ADI and look forward to catching you around the 'verse.

Welcome to ADI !!

Hi Sintrosi welcome to ADI, hope to see you around the verse!