Introduction: since I don't know where that is done

Greetings ADI bros,
I am whifis, been involved with SC since the days of the great ship design competitions. Then of course fabulous Arena Commander came around, and now look at all that we can do, flippin’ yes! Most enjoyed activities perhaps in order are Exploration, Slavage, Medical Rescues tho few to date, getting the troublesome pirates allways, Cave missions are nerve racking that’s why I like em’, and ROC minning is chill and do it often till a bad guy shows up and I wish for that railgun. Only needed one once, most successfully. All other activities too. Also really like to push the physics of SC. That can be sweet and difficult for ideas. Perhaps last but not least outfitting my fav. ships which is heck of expensive. I’m not a computer whiz, mostly just stumble on thru and can do. I’m an older player, 65 but who cares it keeps me sparkin’ and arcin’. I love all of SC that’s why I play often, see ya!


Welcome aboard, @whifis !

Try to stay on Mumble & Discord often so you don’t miss out on activities!


Oh and there are plenty of us older gamers here at ADI, so you’re in good company.

Cy4r hey ya, thank you for the communication it helps wih understanding how the org. works. During my initial induction, and set up the guy helping me said that he was doing a Discord link but it did not take. I don’t know how to set up a Discord link to ADI. But when I’m on doing SC I’m on the mumble. Also I’m lookig for a graphics dude to help replace my old org’s name with ADI on the top insted of Aces High.
My Discord is whifis #6317.
Thank you much,

Please connect to the discord server at and say something in the lobby, we should be able to get you taken care of in short order.

Welcome to ADI, hope to see you active on Mumble for all of those impromptu groups we like to start almost daily!

Welcome to ADI!

@whifis Howdy welcome to ADI we appreciate your interest in joining us im glad to see the influx of the older generation playing games with us but whatever the cause im sure you will find a welcome home to your new family in the verse

I am a profiteer by trade. I have a prospector and a vulture. I run some cargo in my pirate cattapiller. I have bombers and fighters to help out. I enjoy fps pvp to.

Almost there, New Topic @Yetzirah01 Yetzirah01.