Introduction: Serdatt

Hello everyone, I’m Serdatt. Looking for a new community to join. Came here for star citizen, but also looking to play other games since SC is not fully featured yet. Interested in doing just about every in game activity other than commerce at the moment. I also play a bunch of other shooters. Love arma and siege, and currently playing MCC. I’m also down to play tabletop sim or mtg arena whenever.

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Welcome to the ORG,
Glad you’re looking to use as your community.
We do regular operations, for group play and there’s plenty of people around at most times.
Pop into mumble to complete your onboarding and we can get you sorted with everything you need to know. :slight_smile:

Welcome, I know you will have no problems finding people to do stuff in the verse as well as other games here. Have you finished your on board?

I do not have access to mumble at the moment, but either late tonight or tomorrow I will.

Hi Serdatt and Welcome to ADI!

Yeah you came to the right place, true…since SC is not fully featured yeah other games are being played by members in ADI.

Just hop on Mumble and let the Multiplayer begin :slight_smile:


Hi @Serdatt welcome to ADI
My self have some ARMA exp and some other FPS games and here in ORG there is planty ppl whith all kind of background gameing experience so you will find planty of us in a SC plus othere games too.
C u around…

ok thats cool,
Whenever is convenient to you.

Hey @Serdatt welcome to the FAM! You picked the right ORG to join everyone here is kind and great to get along with, we have a background in all sorts of games. Hope to see you around :+1:

Welcome serdatt, good to have you with us. Hoping to fly with you soon, and possibly play a few other games too. Fly safe, and see you in the verse!

Great to have you at ADI Serdatt! Looking forward to talking to you on mumble!

Welcome to ADI, jump on mumble if your looking to chat around most nights.

Welcome, Serdatt, glad to have you aboard! If you need any help or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask , we’re always here to help. Looking forward to flying with you in the Verse!

Welcome, Serdatt

I hope to see you in mumble sometime.

Great meeting you tonight! Your gaming experience will be a plus to the organization. Look forward to flying with you soon. See you in the Verse!

Nice to meet you Serdatt. You and I are like in mind my friend, forget the money it’s all about the glory!

Welcome to ADI Serdatt. I’m glad you chose to join the team. There’s lots to do here, between the forums and Discord chat, not to mention the game play, mass ops and training opportunities. I look forward to crossing paths with you.

Hi @Serdatt and welcome to ADI,

You came to a perfect place if you want to learn about the game, there are many ways of enjoying the game without being part of the commerce.

See you in the Verse

Welcome to the org! Hope to see you out there :slight_smile:

Welcome aboard Serdatt! There are plenty of options here in the verse and our members are very helpful in getting you started and showing you the ropes. See ya in the verse!

Welcome aboard! Hope to see you in the verse.

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