Introduction: Sebatchka

Hi all,
I recently started playing star citizen and received an invitation to ADI. I did some cargo missions which were a lot of fun until I had a crippling ejection glitch that rendered my ship unflyable. I have been having a lot on fun with the game so far besides that. I fly an Avenger Titan, and would be interested in Cargo/hauling missions, as well as being a mercenary. I am very impressed by this server so far, it seems very professional.
I look forward to being a part of the team and flying with you all.

welocme to adi my dude and welsome to glitch fest but still fun game hoep to fly with you soon, when im out of the paper work gulag of my course

Glad to have you aboard! We’re definitely professional, if not thee most professional org out there. We’re organized and friendly, able to answer questions, and team up using mumble. Hope to catch ya in the verse!

Welcome to ADI Sebetchka. I’m glad you joined the team. I look forward to your participation in our org’s mass ops.

Hey Sebatchka! Welcome to ADI!! I also fly an Avenger Titan, despite her bugs she’s a great ship! I’d be happy to fly wingman on cargo missions should you ever need it! Happy to have you here, see you in the verse!

Hey there Sabatchka! Many of us love doing cargo AND killing bounties at the same time! I know, talented =P. See you in the verse!

Hey sebatchka welcome to ADI. have a good one.

Welcome to ADI! Cargo is a great easy way to make money so I could help you out as an escort!

Welcome! I’m so glad to meet you! The titan is a great ship. You will love it here, we are a great group and have a lot of awesome activities. Let me know if I can help with anything or answer any questions!

Welcome Sebatchka, look into crewing with someone doing market runs, some pay for piloting secondary ships delivering goods. Also check out mining gameplay, real fun game loop.

Welcome to ADI! See you in the verse!


Cargo in an Avenger, drugs perhaps? I dont touch the stuff myself, too hard to move. Welcome by the way