Introduction - Sandburner

Hi There. I am Phil - Named in game “Sandburner” (yeah I lacked imagination that day :))

So real world, I am an IT/Security/Compliance manager. I live in Canada although originally from the UK. Moved to North America in 2001.

Virtually. I have a lot of hobbies. Used to be an ardent Eliter. But gotten a little tired of it. So trying SC. And liking it a lot. I also spend time in DCS and fly with a squadron there. I am also heavily involved with VATSIM and all things virtual aviation related.

Look forwards to playing with you all :slight_smile:



Welcome to ADI it was nice talking to you I look forward to flying with you

Welcome to ADI, see you in Mumble!

hey Phil welcome to ADI I know others to fly in squadrons in DCS so youll be fine here and nice to see another Brit!

Welcome to ADI!


Great stream btw! :slight_smile:

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Thanks Ghillie. Only a make pretend brit anymore. Getting afflicted with Canadianism :wink:

Thanks again for the help getting started. Had a blast last night, looking forwards to more.

Thanks! :slight_smile: I will be there for sure :slight_smile:

Meh Canada is still commonwealth so still counts haha :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome aboard! Thanks for letting me sit in on your onboarding. Had a good time clearing some bunkers and bounties with you afterwards as well! More to come.

Welcome to ADI, glad to have you.

Welcome to ADI, Sandburner! VATSIM - it took a while for me to remember what that was. That’s been around for a while.

Hey there Eviscerator.

Ya VATSIM has been around a while. And I have been around for all of it lolol. A good 25 years if I include the SATCO years lol