Introduction: Rubara

Hello Everyone,

I have been considering playing SC for awhile now and finally decided to give it a try. I’m a 36 year old father and engineer who likes to play casually when time allows. I have played a large number of different MMO’s as well as FPS games over the years with some experience in flight sims but nothing recently.

Currently also playing Division 2.

Look forward to playing and seeing what this game has to offer as I have only really played a few hours so far.

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Rubara, welcome I hope Star Citizen offers you the casual game play experience you are looking for, it certainly looks like they are doing their best to make sure there is gameplay for long game dives, and short game dives < than 1 hour long even. With the skill less system it should be a great experience that doesn’t require you countless hours of commitment just to enjoy…

See you when I do.

Welcome Rubara, great to have you with us. I do hope you enjoy flying star citizen, and I am looking forward to flying with you soon. See you in the verse!

Hi Rubara and welcome to ADI,

Nice gaming type, very diverse.

Anyways hope to talk to you on Mumble and see you in the verse :slight_smile:

Welcome @Rubara glad to have you onboard with us.

I can see you’re into the same sort of games as me nothing wrong with a bit of variety in life it was quite a few of Us that played division for a while it is a good game.

Well if you ever need any help don’t hesitate to contact your chain of command and they will be happy to assist you. And hope to see you on Mumble soon

Welcome to ADI Rubara! Make sure to keep an eye out for the forums for the Org ops. We’re running coordinated missions regularly and have a lot of fun doing it. Usually takes around 90-120 minutes so it should hopefully fit into your timeframe

Hi @Rubara,

Welcome to the org, I hope that you will find engineering part of the game interesting, once they come up with the concept of it.

See you in the Verse


Welcome, Rubara, glad to have you aboard! If you need any help or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask , we’re always here to help. Looking forward to flying with you in the Verse!

Nice :smiley: Welcome, mate! If you like space, I can guarantee you will love Star Citizen, if only for the zen moments. Just to drift around in the dark beyond is already an experience in its own right imo and the rest is a nice extra :wink: So, what are you flying at the moment?

Be well and fly safe!

Welcome to ADI Rubara. I’m glad to have another D2 devotee on the team. I too like D2, and D1 for that matter. I look forward to mixing it up with you in game.

Flying an Avenger Titan. Still working on buying another ship. I want to eventually get a hammerhead. I do enjoy the vastness of the game. I just tried space combat and I really liked how it seemed realistic to how it would be in space.

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Hi @itsraven,

Are there details in the roadmap about the engineering part? I would think that would be very cool.

Unfortunately, there is very little info about that area of the game, but I would assume one of the strong points will be handling ship systems during the combat and prioritizing energy flow into weapons or engines for example. Please correct me ,anybody, if I am wrong.

Welcome to StarCitizen and ADI Rubara! I’m 48 so don’t feel like the old man here. :slight_smile: See you in the verse!

Aye, she is a beauty :wink: Good choice!

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