Introduction: RicoZaid

I played Star Citizen a couple years ago and it just kept crashing on me so I quit after a few hours.

6 Weeks ago ago I see the RSI icon on my desktop and wondered “WTF is this?” Well I check out out and WOW, so much better and stable.

Been playing basically every day since. Love it. No plans to play anything else. I fully enjoy the game as it is already, which for me is a great sign. I don’t care about progression or any of that, all I care about is the game experience.

I was playing some Elder Scrolls Online (story) and PlanetSide 2 (48 man, coordinated strike teams) but kind of bored with those.

Software engineer, C# middle tier communications. Bass player in a Metallica cover band, competitive shooter, swing dancer. Prior service Army 11c a LONG time ago. Have a fat cat who loves to eat and barf.


Welcome to ADI RicoZaid, and thank you for your service. I’m glad you joined the team. By the sound of it you’ll fit right in here. I myself am into Skyrim for over 3,000 hours. FPS: CoD from #2 onward, The Division, Division 2, Destiny 2, Ghost Recon and a crap load of RTS games. I look forward to observing contribution to our mosaic. By the way, what’s your sport?

Hey Rico! Glad to have you aboard, was nice to chat with you. FS is a fun outfit; hope to see you for one of the org ops we organize regularly (check the calendar). Would recommend you check out formation flying and marine training if you got the time - should be some coming up on the calendar. Both are a lot of fun and a great way to meet people here.

Welcome back to the game and welcome to Atlas Defense Industries Rico.

Welcome, @RicoZaid!

Glad to see you in the org! You should check out the org ops! I think you would like them. Have you decided on what division you will join? See you around!

Hi again.

I’d generally lean toward ground ops, dropship Marine Pilot/Marine, but I officially went with Fleet Security, Combat Pilot.

Formation Flying was fun, amazing organized, though really hard with a mouse+keyboard for me. HOTAS in the works.

Been playing everyday with you guys, been awesome. Game is 10000x more fun with a team and a mission. I can’t imagine playing this solo.

I do love starting up casual ground mission combat teams so if you seem me in a mumble subchannel that’s what I’ll be doing! gota pew pew pew

Do you guys have any infantry/ground operations docs? I was blown away by the amazing docs you had for the flight training.


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Welcome to ADI!

welcome to ADI!

11C huh? I was 13B. Did some cross training on mortars overseas, they’re fun and much easier to shoot than an howitzer.

hope to see you in the verse

Welcome to ADI!

Welcome to ADI! hope to see you on!

snekSC, we use to let our medics and 13Fs shoot the mortars and help on the crews if they wanted to :slight_smile:

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