Introduction - Pirlok

Hi everyone,

I’m a beginner on Star Citizen and proud to be a new recruit :blush:.
I live in Paris, I’m doing a reconversion in IT. I’m a fond of SF. Moreover, sometimes, I write stories.

This community seems pretty cool. I would like to be an explorer in game, but let see first where my skills are the best for the team.
In add, playing with you is a good way to practice english. (be indlugent please :sweat_smile:)

Happy new Year all,

See you in space!

Hello Pirlok and welcome,

Do you have any programming skills? Please let your interview know.

What ship are you planning to fly?

Welcome to ADI Pirlock. Exploration is an concept that interests me in SC, hoping it will be as cool as i hope.

Welcome to ADI Pirlok :slight_smile:

Very good time to join SC and ADI. The game is really starting to look like something very playble.
You can always try out different roles and see where you feel most at home. Exploration is awesome and it is going to be fun to see how CIG will put it in the game.

We have people from all around the world and my native language is not english so you should be okay.

See you in the Verse!

Welcome to ADI, Pirlok! Happy to have you with us. The best way to get good at a language is to be immersed in it. You will find that we have many non-native english speakers in the org. Don’t be shy about talking on mumble just because of this. You can also learn a lot about Star Citizen. Many of us have been following the game for many years now. See you around!

Hello Pirlok and welcome to ADI! A great place to start is checking out the Marine Certification and EVO class. The classes are taught often and would be a great place to start with the basics! See you in game!

Greetings! I hear that Paris is quite the beatiful city. I would love to read some of the stories you write at some point, if able. Hope to see you in the 'Verse soon!

Hey Pirlok, good to see your intrest in ADI and star citizen, you picked a good group of people to game with, see you in the verse.

Thank you all!

Ok, if I can edit stories, i’ll share with you :slight_smile:

@ Cauzway
Yes, I have some programming skills. I do data analyse.
For now, my ship is Aurora MR. We’ll see in the future.

See you very soon!

welcome to the org pirlok, no worries on the fitting in part, you play what you have the most fun doing don’t worry about trying to match anything in the org we want all our members to have fun playing not be forced to do something they hate. If you have any questions about the game don’t be shy to ask in mumble there is always someone around who would be more then willing to help you or you can always send me a message in discord :slight_smile: see you in the verse

Welcome to the team Pirlock. I’m a survey scout with Exploration and Survey; it’s where all the cool kids hang out. I think you’ll like ADI. There is lots to do if you want to, excellent and knowledgeable staff and lots of people like yourself that are curious about the black and what goes on in it. I too write, usually in the morning. I can’t think of a better way to start my day. Well, I look forward to running ops with you. Monitor the alerts on Discord and don’t be afraid to volunteer for a tasking. Cheers

Welcome to ADI Pirlok! Et bonjour aussi. Feel free to let us know if you have any questions. See you in the 'Verse!

(I had to take a foreign language in college in order to graduate. I took French, but I’m not very good at it.)

Welcome aboard Pirlok, glad to have you aboard here at ADI! Make sure to drop by in the Public Gaming in mumble, we almost always have something going on! See you soon here in the 'verse.

Welcome Pirlok to ADI, glad to have you with us =D

Welcome to ADI, Pirlok! nice to have more EU members :smiley: look forward to speaking with you soon.

Welcome to the crew Pirlok! I’m also a member of E&S and look forward to mapping new star systems with you.

Good news then as ADI welcome seasoned veteran and first time flyers alike so if you’ve ever a need for help with anything Atlas personnel are always eager to lend a hand. If explorations your game then we might end up working together in the Exploration & Survey division of ADI, have a good one Piriok.

Thank you!
Nice to meet you.