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Thank you for taking the time to read my introductory post. My name is Pheonix Lucror and yes. Pheonix is misspelled on purpose. Funny story behind it that I will share later down this post.

So at the time of writing this, I’m 37 years old. Live in Sweden Stockholm and I have pretty much been a gamer all my life. For the past 1-3 years or so I have really missed being in a community with good quality, mature and honest individuals. More importantly, I have been burnt out on all the drama lama that seems to find it’s way into most gaming communities and clans as they reach a certain size.

Having talked with Lacoste and Cobra22 I have a good feeling ADI and what you all are trying to accomplish here.

So what is the story behind my name?

I was in a previous community several years ago that had a moniker rule. Use the same moniker across all the games. Having spent a good 45 minutes trying to match everything up I decided to create a unique username that I knew would be free regardless of game I was playing. So yes that means I purposely choose the exotic and misspelled flavor of Pheonix. And added a generated last name to it just get it right.

Having done that it has been smooth sailing after that when it comes to creating my moniker for new games.

What else to tell you about me.

I love the vision of Star Citizen. It feels like it has been forever since I have gamed something that is new, original and pushes the envelope for what gaming is. I love the emerging that it brings, the correct sense of scale, and big ass spaceships!

It is my hope to find a lot of fellow like-minded gamers, have a blast with you guys and create new special gaming moments like… Hey, do you remember that one time when the reactor went down and that enemy scout detected us… If you “get it” then we will get along superbly.

Looking forward to meeting you in the verse and on mumble.

Kind regards,
Pheonix Lucror

Welcome to ADI @PheonixLucror,

Hope @Cobra22 took good care of you through the OB.
See you in the Verse.

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Welcome to ADI Pheonix! We all have our own special moments in gaming, some that are created here. See you in the verse!

Welcome aboard Pheonix. Look forward to flying with you soon. There are many opportunities in ADI. Look into available cert opportunities such as marine, box flying.

Welcome! PheonixLucror

Welcome Pheonix. Good decision on the naming strategy. Any ships in particular you’ve got your eye on or are excited about?

Welcome to ADI Pheonix! It is a challenge to get the right name but once you do, your golden. This is definitely a good place to create new memories and have fun doing so, look forward to flying with you. See you in the verse!

Welcome to ADI PheonixLucror! I do love Llamas but not those pesky dramatic ones, always so over the top. This game is gorgeous and has so much already and I hope it one days sees the vision fulfilled. Looking forward to meeting you on Mumble!

Welcome to ADI Pheonix! Sounds like you found the right crew of like-minded, no-drama-lama’s that are some what mature. :slight_smile: See you around the Verse.

Hi Pheonix, Welcome to the group, I love the fact that you love to create gaming moments, I have a few my self so I can competely relate to that. I hope to see you the verse soon.

Hi everyone,

Thank you so much for the warm welcome. It means a lot.
I’m looking forward to meeting you all in the verse and getting to know you guys better.

Pheonix Lucror welcome to ADI! Those kind of special moments seem to happen in Star Citizen more than other games. I am sure you will find your share of them as we explore the 'verse!

Welcome to ADI PheonixLucror. I’m glad you joined the team.

Hi there Pheonix. Welcome to ADI. Thanks for writing the book, I mean long ass intro hehe. I’m just kidding, I read through it all. Lacoste helps me a lot and is very kind. We are glad to have you in the community and I’d love to fly together sometime. See you in the verse bro

Hey bud welcome to ADI, and i feel you on that and i now only have two real names for games, haha…

So… I really hope you have a connie Pheonix… =)
Welcome to ADI, glad to have you!

Welcome aboard friend

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