Introduction PeinNagato


Hello guys, my name is Pein. I am currently 19 yo, only a month from turning 20. I have owned SC for only a couple of weeks now, but I used to play a lot of Elite Dangerous a couple of years ago, so the formula of this game is well known to me. I currently own an Arrow, 300i, Conie Andromeda, Freelancer DUR, Hornet and a Scythe (Arrow and Scythe are Subscriber privileges, so they will change in the future). I look forward to learning with the more experienced players in the org, and I’m very grateful to be part of it. Anyone who wants to join me in some multi crew gameplay, I’m usually available from Wednesday night to Sunday, the other three days I usually have VFX in my university (I’m currently studying to be a 3D artist), those dates often change, but in average those are the days that I am gone. Again, thank you for accepting me, looking forward to the future with you!

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Welcome PeinNagato! Glad to have you with us here at ADI, you picked the right org to call home with active and experienced members to enjoy the Verse. Those are all very nice ships, I take it you are interested in Fleet Security? Hope to fly with you soon!

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Welcome to ADI PeinNagato sorry about your onboarding taking so long last night but all worked out in the end thank you for being so patient see you in the verse!


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Good to have you with us PeinNagato!
I have wanted to play Elite Dangerous but just never got it.
We have many experienced players, if you need anything just shoot a message on discord.
see you around the verse!

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Welcome to ADI PeinNagato! Best thing about Star Citizen as compared to Elite Dangerous is… You get to leave your seat!! Looking forward to flying with you in the 'verse. o7

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Welcome aboard Pein, look forward to seeing you in the verse.

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Welcome to ADI, Pein! Sounds like you have a busy schedule. I hope you like your new home and the members and staff that make up ADI! let us know if you have any questions! see you in game!

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Welcome to ADI, Pien. Hope to see you in the verse.

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Thank you Fiyero! I am currently shifting between transportation and mercenary/bounty jobs, yesterday we ended up chosing Transportation for the time being.


You don’t have to apologize for anything, in fact I thank you for giving a hand even though it was very troublesome.


Thanks Quadru! Unfortunately Elite never quite got to the place where the player base wanted it to be, even after all these years. In my personal opinion, you are doing much better just sticking to SC.


Thanks Scan! Amen to that, even moving your legs in game makes a huge difference. Unfortunately the devs never acknowledged that.


Thank you man. Looking forward as well.


Thanks Daka, sure will!


Thank you Fable! We sure will.


Hey Pein, glad you joined up. We have a lot of folks that played Elite and Dangerous. That being said, if your new to Star Citizen, you definitely chose the right org. A lot of the folks have a lot of knowledge, and can help you get your feet off the ground.

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Welcome to ADI PeinNagato and thanks for the solid intro post. You’ve got a great hangar already with some real versatility there in the ships you have pledged. Look forward to flying with you in the verse soon.

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Welcome Pein, it is great to see you. I cant wait to play with you in game

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Welcome to ADI Pein. There’s lots of experienced players who play quite regularly in ADI. I look forward to running ops with you.

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Welcome aboard Pein! Good to have you with us. You’ll learn a lot here in ADI. We have a great community.

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