Introduction Orion_97

Good Afternoon ADI,

I’m Orion_97 and I have been playing Star Citizen consistently for roughly 4 weeks now, playing at least 5 hours a day. I’ve gotten quite familiar with all of the mechanics and working through the bugs. I mostly do Security contracts through Crusader Industries, and defending a site is by far my most favorite mission. Nothing better than unlimited armor and decent guns!

The Aurora was my starter ship and since then, I have upgraded to the Scorpius, C2 Hercules, Eclipse, Harbinger, Ion, Inferno, and the Carrack. I am not the best pilot, but I can do in a pinch. I truly shine in FPS missions, and I love doing most that are in the game.

I greatly look forward to meeting more members of the 'Verse and especially those in ADI, the fastest and largest Exclusive Organization in Star Citizen!



Welcome to ADI!

Welcome to ADI and the 'verse to boot! @Orion_97 A fellow purveyor of the great silent torpedo holder, Eclipse.

Hello Orion, Welcome to ADI see ya around!

Welcome to ADI!

Welcome aboard. If FPS gameplay is your forte, I recommend signing up for marine training and jumping in the upcoming Siege of Orison operations we will be running.

Welcome to ADI, Orion_97. That’s a nice little fleet you have there. I hope to see you soon!