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Hey all,

Im new to star citizen, but i love space. Ive been wanting to play since its early days but didn’t have a powerful computer to run it. I live in western WA on an Island grew up here. Im 21 years old and have been tearing apart and building computers since i was 8.

Im thinking Cargo runs or exploring or take on different tasks. Look foward to Flying with ADI.


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Welcome to ADI, @OPNightMarine! I am a space nut myself; always dreaming of the future of astronautics where we won’t have to cram ourselves into capsules or cramped shuttles! Hope to see you in the 'verse!

Welcome @OPNightMarine !

Welcome to the Org. If you have any questions just ask. Looking forward to traveling with you in the’verse. Hope to catch you on Mumble.

thanks glad to be here, see ya in the verse

Howdy @OPNightMarine

Space is indeed really cool, I have always been drawn to it and sci-fi games based on it!

Exploring is fun, that may end up being my permanent home once the game goes live.

are u saying u can build ur own home?

well, we may be able to someday when/if homesteads release! But I meant more as my “home” in the org.

ahh lmao, yee same here. that would be so coo

Hi OPNightMarine,
Are you in fleet security with a name like that? Welcome to ADI.

no ive used this gamertag for over 6 years on xbox and ps along with any games on the pc. Thanks glad to be aboard.

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Which did you join?

Hi OPNightMarine
Welcome to ADI, always lots to do in the Verse but remember to hop on mumble,you will always find some one to fly with.
Looking forward to meeting you in the Verse😀

Welcome aboard OPNight. This game offers plenty of things to explore. Delivery missions are a great way to see the Stanton system. I hope to see you on discord and Mumble. Take care.

Hi @OPNightMarine,

Welcome to ADI,

It’s always great when we get another hauler to join us. Commerce and Trade is what I love doing in the game so don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

Welcome to ADI! Exploring this incredible game is one of my favourite things to do. So much to see and find, and the details are amazing. Check out our various ops running, there is almost always something going on to sign up for. See you in the verse!

i can’t wait either, see u out there

thanks, lookin forward to seeing you in the verse

thanks a bunch glad to be aboard, see you on the trade networks

Hey @OPNightMarine,

Welcome to ADI! I didn’t have a powerful enough computer to run this game until May as well. Have questions, don’t hesitate to ask, many folks here are well versed in Star Citizen. Hope to see you in game!

glad to hear im not the only one, thanks see you in the verse

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