Introduction - OperatorBuck

Thanks for the invite to ADI. I’m a new player looking to get into group-oriented activities in star citizen. I have been playing for a few weeks, so I have a basic handle on the game. I would be interested in doing pretty much anything! I’m hoping to find an area of the game I really enjoy, as my play time before now has been just me doing a bunch of random stuff. I’m excited to learn and expand my skills!


welcome to ADI feel free to ask for help and questions see you in the verse

welcome to ADI

Welcome to ADI!

Welcome to ADI!

Try to stay active on Discord, Mumble, and the calendar often to not miss out on any of the activities!

Hi Buck!

Welcome to ADI! I’m glad you joined the team! Reach out if you need anything.


Welcome to ADI @OperatorBuck, glad to have you with us. Look forward to catching you around the 'Verse…

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Welcome to ADI