Introduction nitneuq

Hi everybody,
as a casual player for 3 years, I used to board as a gunner on some fight ships or operator on a multi-crew mining ship. I’m looking forward to joining your fleet and sharing some game time with you.

communication over.

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Welcome to ADI

Welcome to ADI it was nice talking with you I look forward to flying with you in the verse

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Welcome! Multi-crew ships is one of the most fun part of star citizen. Also exciting to see more new team players.

Welcome to ADI Nitneuq, I’m totally looking forward to crewing a ship together. Once I figure out how to fly… LOL . Maybe you can pilot and I can gun? We’ll figure it out either way. Cheers!

Welcome to ADI. See you in the verse, and looking forward to fly with you :slight_smile:

Welcome nitneuq, to ADI!

Welcome to ADI, I’m there always seems to be someone looking for crew. See you in Mumble.

Welcome to ADI nitneuq, good to have you aboard.

Hey there niteneuq, welcome to ADI! Looks like you’ve got a solid variety of experience. What’s been your favorite so far? See you in space soon!

Welcome in! All I do are bounties and bunkers. I hope to have you on my Connie helping me blow some nine tails scum away soon!