Introduction; NightWitcher

I’m 49 and I live in Europe (France), I’m interesting to become a member of your Organization. I play the most part of the time in Star Citizen as combat pilot and I’m an experimented AC player especially in BR.

Your organization would bring me a more solid and serous PU experience. I hope you like to fly close formation with some tactical engagements. I’m not afraid by the PVP even if I do not know if this in something you are practicing.

I was member of the RS Organization then after the split of the Org I joined the Blackfleet but the Piracy game play is not for me to be honest so I did not stay…

My only one limitation would be related with my English skill who is not excellent at all but I can make some progress with more practice and help :grinning:.

Best Regards,


Hi NightWitcher
Welcome to ADI , Nice chatting with you today and looking forward to flying with you :smile:


Hi NightWitcher, welcome to ADI. What ship are you enjoying? See you in Mumble!

Bonjour NightWitcher!

That’s about all I have (I’m English)! Look forward to seeing you about in the Verse! Talk soon

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There are some experienced players in the combat group, and they do fly formations! Great to have you with us!

What ships have you flown thus far? Any strike you as something you would like to acquire?

Hello o7,
At the exception of the MSR, I’ve owned lot of small/medium Fighters like the Arrow, the Gladius, the Talon, the Avenger, the 325a, The Super Hornet, the Sabre and the Gladiator.
My favorite ship for the combat is still the Arrow in AC and the Gladius/ Sabre in the PU. The SH is fine too depending what I have to do. I love the Gladiator but due to the shield holes and the turret not usable by the pilot he is difficult to play atm.

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Hello !
I would like really test the F8 or the F7A :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I know, I’m not the only one :grin:

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Wow, comprehensive answer. I’m know now who I’m flying toward next time I need saving :grin:

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Welcome to ADI NightWitcher. I’m glad you joined the team. I look forward to your participation in ADI’s weekly mining exercises.

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Welcome to ADI nightwitcher. We hold weekly formation flying practice sessions and other trainings. I’m sure you will enjoy getting in on those. If you ever need help or a friend in the verse I’m always happy to help

o7 Thanks!
Yes i’m really happy to be here and meet very nice people.

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