Introduction Naztiva


Hello o7

it’s been a while since someone invited me to this org on Dec. 2014 :smiley: Unfortunately my GPU couldn’t handle SC back then and I just got a new one some days ago. But that long pending invitation led me to you as I’m looking for a Organisation now. To get some help while getting familiar in the SC Verse of course, but mainly to find people to play with.

So far I did some sweep missions and cube walkies for red vine, and upgraded my mustang starter pledge thingy to the avenger titan. That was fun and all and I can say that I like SC. But I think it will be much better and more fun while being part of a Team and working together on something.

Considering your divisions descriptions and my own skills and preferences, I would say to fit as Marine, WSO or Crewman in general if needed. In longer Exploration & Survey missions only if really really ²³ needed.

I hope I make it to get on mumble later today to meet you there and keep this here short :vulcan_salute:



Welcome to the team! You definitely joint the right org for everything SC. If you ever feel like testing new ship’s our org here is always helpful in lending out ship’s we have



Welcome to ADI, Naztiva!
Thank you for your time getting to know us.
I heard in the last couple days there is an unofficial Titan Fan Club within ADI, not sure so where this comes from.
We are happy to be able to place you in the Division you want.
Sure there will be times where you play roles you like less, but it is supposed to make fun for everyone in there way.
I hope I can catch you on Mumble in a bit, still 3h of work to do.
If not, I look forward to chatting with you on Discord or seeing you in the Verse!
Have a great time.



Welcome back Naztiva! There are definitely a lot of changes and things are getting better and better. Glad to have you back with us.



Welcome Naztiva! Glad to have you with us here at ADI, you picked the right org to call home. We can always use more Marines/crewmen on large ships, plus you can always go the route of exploration, plenty to do here in ADI. Hope to fly with you soon in the Verse!



Welcome to ADI Naztive :slight_smile:

Nice to have you with us.

See you in the Verse!



Ha, Naztiva. Your journey was a lot like mine. Two years to put a machine together, upgrade to Titan, much crew and marine duty on official ops (which never find a role for “light couriers”). I recommend getting the marine cert. Best wishes, and I hope to see you soon.



Hi Naztiva!, Welcome to ADI.
The avenger titan is a good ship if you are planning the transport cargo etc and at the same time makes a great fighter, and has long been a good choice for an upgrade from a starter. But really it all depends on what you want to do in game. We can always use more Marines/crewmen on large ships. :grinning:



Welcome to ADI Naztiva! You definitely joined the right team and we are always willing to lend a helping hand.



Hi Naztiva! Welcome aboard. You definitely came to the right place. I would recommend checking out the Marine Cert course when you get a chance. It’s awesome to move and be coordinated as a team in the 'Verse. Looking forward to flying with you! o7



Congrats on the upgrade Naztiva and welcome to ADI! The avenger is a great ship, and with gimbal assist, it’s stock loadout has actually become pretty prickly. If you haven’t gotten to check it out in 3.5 the PTU is open to all backers now, and should be live fairly soon.



Welcome aboard to ADI Naz! The Titan will serve you well or at least I heard it will. I started with a Mustang, then went to an Arrow, and now I am in a Drake Cutlass Black. For now, we have time to flop duties but once the game goes live, our primary fields may be too busy to flop but who knows. Star Citizen is a game and you are supposed to have fun in a game. When it becomes work, it is no longer a game. We are glad to add you to our ranks and that you made ADI your SC home. Make sure to volunteer for ops after you get certified, or before to be a gunner or pilot (until the cert comes out). The OPs will start running again after 3.5 drops and some of us get used to the new flight model. See you soon in the Verse!



Welcome to ADI Naztiva. This is the org to be a part of as we progress through alpha. There’s lots to do here; lots to work on and of course lots of experienced players willing to help you progress in your game, as you wish to. I look forward to running ops with you.



glad to have you onboard.
good to know the ADI seed grew lol.

The Avenger is a solid little ship, my first and i still love it.

Looking forward to flying with you in the verse.



Welcome Naztiva! While Star Citizen can be fun solo…playing with a team/group is substantially more fun. ADI is an excellent org full of team players and helpful people, so feel free to ask about anything you’re curious about. I look forward to seing you out there with us!



Hello Naztival and welcome to ADI! Let us know if you have any questions and we will see you in the Verse!



Naztiva, welcome to ADI. You are spot on in that SC really shines when played as part of a dedicated, experienced group- and that’s what you have joined. Look forward to flying with you soon.



Welcome aboard and regardless of what you settle on we’ve got a division that’ll suit your interests baring piracy of course lol



Welcome Naztiva, cant wait till i see you in the verse



Welcome and great to have you, Naztiva. The titan should serve you well for quite some time. Hope to see you in the 'Verse soon!