Introduction - MrFamilysize

Good morning, afternoon, or evening.
Name is MrFamilysize. You can call me whatever you’d like.
I currently have access to an Aurora MR, Mustang Omega, and F7C-M Super Hornet, but seriously considering trading one of those in for a Constellation. I haven’t been doing much flying lately, but look at changing that with some potential flight partners/explorers.

Right now I’m looking at Private Contractor Services, but I’m open to pretty much any field that I have the aptitude for.
I’m also here to answer any other questions that you may ask of me. :slight_smile:

Greetings (now its afternoon in AZ) MrFamilyTime, glad to see you with ADI. Once 3.3 comes out I’ll have a green conny for you to fly, currently an Andromeda if you want to take it out for a spin. You’ll find this a pretty friendly group of folks so I’m sure additional offers will arrive, just ask. See you in the ‘verse’!

I wouldnt mind flying it! :smiley:

easy enough, see you in the ‘verse’.

Really when are you on?

would say normally in a few hours, but I have some recording to do this evening, so will be late if at all, I have you in my contacts though

Welcome to ADI MrFamilysize. Sounds like you already have the makings of a good fleet going, but there is always room for one more ship. :slight_smile:

To me, its not so much about having a fleet but having access to a small variety of ships to try out to see what I like prior to the official release. The Aurora obviously came with the initial game package, and the Super Hornet I thought would be a fine combat vessel while they release others. The Vanguard is the dream! I likely won’t spend too much real money on new ships going forward and will instead wait on the release, but I see no harm in melting a ship I don’t want. :stuck_out_tongue:
My Mustang came with a video card purchase a few years back but I honestly haven’t done anything with it as I don’t really understand where it fits.

With the release of both the Starfarer and Reclaimer… my desire to have a multi-crew ship has drastically increased and the Constellation seems like a good median.

Welcome to ADI MrFamilysize, best way to fly is to fly with friends, so just get on Mumble and fly with anyone who is there and you may learn something new about flying or perhaps pass on some useful tricks.