Introduction: Mongooser

Joined the verse on the 2nd of December this year, known of the game for many years, but after seeing the state of the game in some YouTube videos I had to join up.
Started with the Nomad but upgraded that package to a prospector.
I find mining a good way to relax and hauling cargo a good way to stress myself. (especially in alpha state)

Played No mans sky, Elite, Eve, but the community in game, and the amazing view from my cockpit has me not loading them up as much anymore.
Some of my best times in games have been experiencing the crazy, fun, and sometimes frustrating moments that come with being a part of the alpha/beta process in a game.

I will need to wait until morning to get onto mumble for the voice chat, its a bit late here right now.

Hope to see you in the verse soon, especially as they introduce more org based content into it.

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Hi Mongooser,
I’m sure someone will catch you in mumble tomorrow and get you on-board.
Welcome to the the frustrations of Alpha. Welcome to ADI aswell. See you in the verse

Welcome aboard Mongooser. I’m with you on the mining. It’s relaxing. 3.12 has added another layer of complexity which just adds to my enjoyment. Looking forward to cracking rocks with you in the verse.

Hey there Mongooser! You are literally speaking of the two thing i spend most of my time doing atm in game! prospector mining and hauling my OWN cargo now lol. This game is very pretty, fun, and surprising all in one! Cant wait to see you in here and Please let me know if you need anything either here or on the spectrum. See ya Soon!

Welcome to ADI Mongooser. I’m glad you joined the team. You sound like a West coaster. I look forward to running into you.

Looking forward to the fun times. Excited to see you in the 'verse.

Had a blast in mumble doing some theory crafting of space tech tonight, thank you all for he warm welcome.

@Mesachie more west then the west coast by one hour, currently living on top of a mountain about an hour north of Fairbanks Alaska with my daughter.
spent 30 years in Florida before making the move here about 4 years ago.

Shoot be a friend request if you see me in your server (Mongooser) i’m always down to join in a turret or mining laser or just a friendly copilot on a transport :smile:

@Mongooser, Welcome to ADI! I’m looking forward to flying with you.

Welcome to ADI! Excellent choice on the prospector upgrade. And you are right, mining is a surprisingly relaxing way to spend a day :slight_smile: Florida to Alaska, that is a big change of scenery. Bet the northern lights are pretty spectacular where you are. See you in the verse!

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