Introduction: MitchT92

Hi All,

Been following SC for a good while after being introduced to it by a friend. Since then I havent had the machine able to run the game. THATS CHANGED

Ive been about for a few days, messing here and there. Looking forward to playing with, meeting and chatting with you all.



Hey there, MitchT92! Welcome to ADI. Congrats on your new machine. What are you looking to do in the 'Verse?

Hey! Thanks! I’m hoping to get into the Security within ADI as a start. Earn my keep, I’d like to be a ‘Get it done’ kinda guy. Need to have a awesome ship, good combat abilities and I’m going to hit them bounties!

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Hi Mitch, Welcome to ADI. Bounty hunting is really popular atm. Which Division are you coming into?

Fleet Security as a Marine.

Seems the natural choice, training and support if I need it on other jobs, that is as long as ADI don’t mind me taking some side work!

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I look forward to running with you in the 'Verse!

Welcome to ADI @MitchT92! It is quite nice to have a computer capable of running SC, I have had a few points where I have been unable to due to hardware issues.

Hey Mitch, Welcome to the org and welcome back to SC. Be sure to ask any of us for help in the latest patch. We’ll get you up to speed in no time.

See you in the Verse!

Congratulations on getting a new rig to handle the taxing demands of Star Citzen! As well as welcome to Atlas Defense Industries! Grab a blue armor set and feel free to ask questions about anything that comes to mind or if you need a hand!

Welcome to ADI MitchT92. I’m glad you joined the team. It was good to play with you the other day.

Thanks to everyone who I’ve mingled with in the last 48hrs. Many of you answering questions, guiding me through the Verse and its bugs!

Had an absolutely amazing very natural experience at Xenothreat with GrinninFowell cleaning a ship, sweeping and clearing followed by loading Doc’s Ship. Mind was absolutely blown. Thank you everyone for your continued help!

Additionally I’ve got to thank Goat (forget his full name, as I’m at work) for a donation to my ship! And finally to TitaniumBlade for a tour of New Babbage!

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