Introduction: MineHawk (Initially was AR-870/Conflict)


I picked up Star Citizen some years back and played off and on. I am looking to play it more actively as I can. I have mainly done deliveries. I am interested in Cargo/shipping, mining/salvaging, and all forms of combat. I am happy to take on a task that best suits the Org.

I am hoping to go from k/b and mouse to HOSAS set up soon.

My gaming experience is, I am 35 and have been playing computer/console games since I was about 4. I have been in many clan/guilds, CS tournaments in my younger days. I use to be a hardcore gamer with many hours dedicated to it. I have played pretty well all genre of games. FPS the most, RPG and Sims next.

I am now a father, and in real life a hunter/fisherman and all around outdoorsman, electrician by trade. This means my hardcore gaming days have been retired (at least for now). I am still casually playing games and still interested in competitive gaming, but would be best suited for practice use for those who are competing. I am great at being a moving target and or meatshield.

If I left anything out I would be happy to answer any questions.

Hi AR-870
Welcome to ADI, Glad to talk with you today and looking forward to Miming with you soon :smile:

Hi @MineHawk,

Welcome to ADI.

I am happy that you have joined us. We are a good mix of casual to hardcore players and we also have quite a few fathers and mothers here as well so I am sure you will fit right in and feel at home with us.

Thank you very much for the warm welcome. I am really looking forward to getting in game and getting to know this community. I forgot to mention that in real life one of my favourite things to do is dig, and all manually too, but I do have experience with skidsteers and backhoes…but nothing beats a good ol’ pick axe and shovel.

Welcome to ADI, I have an X-56 HOTAS. Best thing ever. Once you fly with one you can’t fly with a mouse ever again.

Have fun and see you in the 'Verse!

Hey MineHawk,

Welcome to the org!

I’d highly reccomend a HOTAS system over a HOSAS system. A throttle will give much more control over your speed.

Having said that, this is a game, you do what you think best :wink:

Thanks ChaadLosan and Thornnaster,

I initially wanted to get the logi x56, but no clue when stock is coming back. Upon more research I learned of VKB, but they do not have a throttle. And getting an individual throttle isn’t so easy for me right now. I may actually build one in the future, when i have time. But VKB seems to be quite a well made product that I am excited to try. and HOSAS is a more comfortable set up for me, i am well accustomed to using sticks from different equipment operations I do.

The VKB gladiator k has a throttle on the side of the base, so i can get my throttle control there, but set up my forward/back as an override if i need to make quick bursts or maneuvers and what not. I think that will work

Finding a HOTAS has been very difficult, I haven’t found any stock anywhere for where I live.

Hi MineHawk, welcome to ADI!
I have a x56 that I got as a steal off of a Facebook sale. I’m finding it s challenge to setup and configure ATM though. Considering a few options to do so tonight.
What ship are you enjoying?

Hey, yea the x56 certainly looks like an awesome HOTAS, and I love logitech, but I am personally just drawn to the HOSAS more, but each their own right.

I only have flown the MISC Freelance, and Aurora (which I am thinking of trading in).

how about yourself?

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I fly with a VKB Gladiator K and a Thrustmaster TWCS throttle. Love the VKB, the throttle will need an upgrade at some point :slight_smile:

I find myself enjoying gunnery positions on other peoples ships and so I’m not flying around if I can help it.
I’ve got a 325a, a MSR coning and a ground vehicle that I’ve never used.
I’m not sure what I’ll end up with though. I really like the idea of having a stealth ship but nothing too small, medium at least for the distance and something that I could get a small vehicle in. I don’t ask for much.

Recently I’ve been thinking about an Apollo but I don’t like the manufacturer and although it’d be great to re-spawn on and to be able to play a support role, there’s already a lot of people in the org with one.
I can’t fly either.

I keep crashing so that’s a bit of a deterrent for flying

@Thornnastor VKB has a throttle in development and it looks amazing!
@FatHeadedZebra–I was the same way with flying at first, I found it hard with mouse.

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I’ve seen the images of the VKB trhottle. I think I like the looks of the Virpil better. I’ll see what the final product looks like.
Good thing my current throttle should last a year or two more, might take a while before VKB delivers :slight_smile:

Yes very true. I like virpil too, but the cost for me is just way too much with change rates and shipping etc. I am first going to attempt to build my own throttle if I can find a place that does 3d printing and I can keep it under a 100$.

Welcome to ADI! Glad you have some plans on what you want for play style. I to have found the stock of x56 hotas to be hard to find. One of these days I will get one though. If you ever want to check out a ship before buying, ask around, someone probably has one and would be happy to let you try it. See you in the verse!

Thanks Kalad1n!

Fortunately the lack of stock of everything allowed me time to properly research and not impulse buy as I do sometimes. HOSAS is definitely for me over HOTAS (which I still think is cool), but that is just because of what I am already use to operating. I am more comfortable with sticks.

As for ships, I really have no idea what I would even be looking for. I am focusing on mining at the moment so whatever is good for that I suppose, all i know is I do not care for the Aurora but that is probably because of my all thumb like skill right now.

For mining, look into the prospector and the mole. Prospector is solo mining ship, and the mole is a multi crew miner. Also, new mining buggy ground vehicle just released which could be useful as it fits in a cutty black I believe. Oh, and hand mining is a thing as well :slight_smile: lots of options for ya

Ok, so is there a way to buy ships with in game money, or do you have to buy them with real money? I was looking at the prospector, and well that is a pretty penny with real money, but i get that it is all for support for this game. You do get to keep it permanently though right?

You can definitely buy ships in game. There are three shops, one at Levski (Teach’s), one at Loreville (New Deal), and one at Area 18 (Astro Armada). You can also rent ships from the spaceports on all three planets. Not sure if the mole is in game purchasable yet but should be soon, the prospector is and costs about 2 million aUEC.

Ok cool. Thanks.