Introduction: midnightjedi


I’m typically an fps player with games like Destiny 2 and Overwatch. In Star Citizen, i’m mostly running a bunch of remove claimjumpers missions because cargo running seems pretty sketch this patch, and that free freelancer shreds through those stationary targets like tissue paper. That said, it can get a bit boring just running those constantly, hence why i’m here to play with some other guys!

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Welcome midnightjedi, Good to have you with us. Looking forward to flying with you very soon. The freelancer is a very good ship, and claimjumpers are a good way of making money. Interestingly, the claimjumpers seem to have more issues than cargo for most this patch, so you seem to be having good luck there. See you in the verse!

Welcome to ADI Midnight. You couldn’t have joined a better bunch of players in SC than the ones playing in ADI. I’ve played my share of FPS too, from CoD2 on up, Destiny2, the Divisions and lately Ghost Recon but in truth none of them compare to the choice, versatility, scope and views in SC. And it gets a little better every year. I look forward to running ops with you.

Welcome Midnight! Great to have you at ADI!
Looking forward to flying with you soon!

Welcome @midnightjedi,

I hope to see you in the verse.


Welcome to ADI. The trading gameplay is sketchy atm, haha. Best thing to do atm is to do a mercenary mission with a few guys or mining with fighter escort. See you out there :slight_smile:

Welcome @midnightjedi to ADI
Let the force be with you and see you around looking forward to play with you some claimjumpers plus many more mercenary mission…
See you around …

Hi midnightjedi and welcome to ADI!

You basically hit the nail on its head. That is pretty much the situation with SC nowadays (unitl the next small patches are released at least)

Yeah it can become boring doing the same thing over and over, given that its apart from deliveries claimjumpers are one of very few safe jobs you can do.

Anyways I hope to chat with you on mumble and see you in the next Org Op.


Welcome midnightjedi! Glad to have you with us. Looking forward to flying with you :slight_smile:

Welcome midnightjedi, yeah I have been running claim jumpers when they work and they can get boring. We have been mountain climbing on micro tech the past couple of days. Talk to you in mumble sometime.

Hiyas Midnightjedi! I’m a fellow lancer owner as well. Well lancer max. Great to have you in ADI. See ya in the verse!

Hey Midnightjedi and welcome.
We have plenty of people around, so dont be shy and get stuck in.
we have a big op coming up so be sure to take a look.
Hope you enjoy your time with us, see you around.

Welcome to ADI! Hope to enjoy the company, see you in the verse.

Welcome to ADI, It is way more fun with people to play with and we always have people on. Any time hit me up I fly most evenings and am always in mumble.

Welcome midnightjedi. Playing with a group is always going to be a better experience, especially with those who can have fun while not acting like children…

@midnightjedi Welcome to ADI, YES . solo stuff gets a little boring. Trust me, just into the general SC chat, get a group together to do whatever. Having a team of people to help in this game changes the whole thing.
Fly with you Soon.

Welcome to ADI, @midnightjedi. You have found the best org in the game and a group that appreciates teamwork and the individual in equal measure. Looking forward to seeing you in the Verse.

Hehehe, can imagine that getting a bit stale atm in SC. Welcome to the group, Jedi! I too think this is a very good place to find likeminded people to have fun with and hang out with ingame :slight_smile:

be well and fly safe!