Introduction: Melidiconi

27 Sept 2021. Hi all, I am Melidiconi. I am looking to find more people to have fun with in this amazing game. I have some strong suits for flight in here, so I hope to fly for ya’ll. :slight_smile:

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Welcome to ADI Melidiconi. I’m glad you joined the team. I look forward to running ops with you.

Welcome to ADI! Could always use, and learn from, a good pilot. Hope to see you in the star system. Maybe join you as a gunner. Cheers!

Welcome to ADI Melidiconi .
Be sure to check our calander to see when or what ops / trainings are planned .

Welcome to ADI :slight_smile: Formation Flying is awesome in ADI

Hi Melidiconi and welcome to ADI.

Be sure to check the Website calendar to see when the next Org Op is. They are really well planned and a very good way to get to know other members of ADI. :slight_smile:

Anyways once again, welcome to the Org and hope to see you in an Op.

Welcome to ADI @Melidiconi, see you in Mumble.

Hey there, @Melidiconi - ran into you in the Mumble lobby earlier today, but I can’t tell if I spooked you or you were having mic troubles and couldn’t speak. If you are having trouble sorting out audio settings, hang out in the lobby a bit and we’ll help you get going - you can always use the text chat for Mumble, it’s in the lower left corner of the window.

Welcome to ADI @Melidiconi! Glad you found us!

Welcome to ADI Melidiconi! I am glad you found us. I look forward to flying with you.

Welcome @Melidiconi! What type of gameplay are you most interested in and/ or the division you’re joining?

Hello Melidiconi I’m sure we can use your flight skills. Glad to have you flying with us. Welcome to ADI!

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