Introduction: Meekrat

Hello fellow citizens,
I am a prospective member and look forward to meeting you all in the verse. I am looking into the exploration and survey and just can’t wait until they are in the PU. Until then I have been dipping into the trade and mining side.


Hey there Meekrat! Thats good experience so far ive always felt the belt way to attack a new game is do it all and pick your favorite! hope to talk soon on the spectrum and get you going here =) ~Shroomie

Hi Meekrat

Welcome to ADI, glad you chose to join us.

The trade and mining aspects are the main money makers in the game right now. How long have you been playing Star Citizen?

Hey @Meekrat, welcome to the team.

Sweet Meekrat! I hope you had fun with the trade and mining. Personally I always seem to blow up randomly when I try to trade. Looking forward to playing with you.

Welcome to ADI Meekrat. I’m glad you joined the team. I look forward to seeing you in game.

@Meekrat hey welcome to ADI!
mining and trading are fun! and yes, i too cannot wait for the exploration to really be a thing, with different systems and space clouds etc :smiley:
see ya in the 'verse

Hi mate, Apologies for the confusion last night. I’m glad that JonesE managed to get you sorted. Hopefully I’ll catch you in mumble through the week along with 3.12. Welcome to ADI.

You’ve found the right Org, Meekrat. Chock full of miners and traders. I almost typed Meerkat, glad I checked twice. See you in the verse

Welcome to ADI @Meekrat! Yea I think a lot of people are dipping into transport and mining right now since they are the only money makers unless you want to do a lot of missions, and with the new claim times that may be a little harder for fighters.

Welcome to ADI! Mining and trading are very popular right now, helps to have some money floating around :slight_smile: But like you, I can’t wait till they get the exploration mechanics in. See you in the verse!