Introduction: MasterDutch98

Hello, as requested I am writting a short introduction to join the organization. I have only now really looked at Star Citizen and it got me interested enough to purchase, which with a few hours I believe was worth it. I have some Arma 3 experience, but played mostly Minecraft and R6S. As for myself, I’m portuguese and a student of mechanical engineering. Within the organization what peaked my interested were the combat roles and the trade roles.
Thank you

Hello MasterDutch and welcome to ADI! Glad to have you experience Star Citizen with us. We have many very active members to play the game with and to learn the game with. Hope to see you out in the Verse!

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Hello MasterDutch and welcome to ADI. It’s a great time to start, get to learn the system as they’re deployed. If you need any help there are plenty of people around who would be willing to.

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Welcome to ADI MasterDutch I look forward to having the chance to play with you.

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Welcome to ADI MasterDutch. I’m glad you joined the team. I look forward to running into you.

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Welcome to ADI MasterDutch! With the new fps expansion coming out I think many fps gamers are going to look at SC more and more.

Hi MasterDutch, welcome to ADI!

Hello, MasterDutch! Glad to have you here. Star Citizen is pretty great, even with its few hiccups, there just is not anything like it. Hope we can fly together sometime! See ya in the verse!

Welcome to ADI!
It was nice meeting you in the verse =)

Welcome to ADI! Keep your eyes peeled to the forums for org ops. That will take care of the combat bug, and hang out in mumble while doing cargo runs for tips and advice or even just to chat. If you ever need a crew just ask and you can fill a big ship fast :slight_smile: See you in the verse!

Hi MasterDutch98. Welcome to ADI!

Hi MasterDutch98. sorry for not getting a chance to show you anything last night. welcome to the verse by the way. i would advise you to complete the basic self certification in the members only area and be sure to say hi again if you see me in mumble. i am a new member of the org myself but find it very welcoming and relaxed with many people willing to help

Welcome MasterdDutch to ADI and to Star Citizen. Look forward to seeing you around.

Hello MasterDutch, Welcome to ADI, glad you have joined us. SC is a lot of fun to play and ADI makes it more enjoyable with interaction from such a large org. See you in the verse.

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