Introduction: Marlfox25

hey everyone

i’ve signed up and done everything as requested, however i think it would probably be easier to explain who i am etc to everyone in person so ill see you all on mumble :smiley:

Marl - Great to have you here. See you on mumble!

Hey Marlfox!

I look forward to learning some more about you good sir, hope to see you on mumble soon!


I’ll have to catch you on Mumble :slight_smile: But seeing as you left me little choice I’ll guess: you’ve smoked Marlboro and go Fox hunting, so you’re from Virginia and you’re 25 years old.

How’d I do? :smiley:

Welcome Marlfox25,

Glad to have you with us. I’m looking forward to getting to know you on mumble in person :slight_smile:. Be sure to checkout the website calendar to for upcoming events. Best wishes to you as you get to know some awesome people in ADI.

Hi Marlfox,

welcome to your new home in the Star Citizen Universe. You will find here a lot of nice people to spend your time flying around in the verse

see you soon


Welcome Marlfox!

A person of few words I see. Nothing wrong with that!

See you in the verse!


Welcome aboard!

Welcome to ADI!

Fair enough, there are a lot of complicated people here lol.