Introduction : MarcSam

Hello everyone, i been playing elite dangerous since 3 years and i wanted to jump into the star citizen experience. I am mostly a trucker and an enforcer in elite. I am want to learn mining here also.

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Hi MarcSam,

welcome to the Org, was a nice talk to you

hope to see ya soon in game and fly with you


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Hi MarcSam and welcome to the Org,

I suggest you check out the calendar on our website for the next mining event. Also there are other events that might interest you, they are all very well planned and fun to participate in.

Hope to see you in the next OrgOP and once again, welcome to ADI.

Hey @MarcSam, Welcome to ADI, glad to see another Elite player in the org.
Hope to see you In the verse.

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Welcome to ADI! What ship do you have atm?

Welcome to ADI MarcSam. I’m glad you joined the team. I look forward to your participation in ADI’s bi-weekly mining exercises.

Greetings MarcSam! Welcome to ADI, glad to see another space trucker joining the ranks :slight_smile:

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