Introduction - Mace

Hello, My name is Mace, I have been playing Star Citizen since Christmas and am happy to be aboard!

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Hi Captain! We are super happy to have you on board. Keep an eye on the events, they are the perfect way to engage with other members and get to know other fellows citizens. If you need any help or have any question feel free to ask us or any member, we will be happy to assist you!

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Welcome to ADI Mace! CYA in the Verse!

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Hey there mace. Welcome. What’s got you wanting to play star citizen? Are you into cargo, ship to ship combat? What starter package did you go with?

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I like every aspect of the game!
Thank you.

yes! seeya in the verse

Thank you everyone is very helpful, appreciate it!

Hello Mace welcome to the org!

Hey Mace! Welcome to ADI. You landed in a great Org with a ton of good peeps. Glad to have you with us. See ya in the verse