Introduction - LumberJaxx

Hello everyone! I’m LumberJaxx and I’ve been playing Star Citizen since around 2014 ? (Whenever the first PTU iteration has come up). I live in France, but I am from the Czech Republic and speak fluently Czech, French and English. I really enjoy everything space related, and even my RL job is somewhat linked to it. I’d really like to join a bigger group of players and I met some ADI folks in the PU while running Jump Town.

Proud owner of a Anvil Arrow and Drake Corsair, and a huge fan of everything that comes from Drake.


Welcome! I also like the Drake ships, they mostly have what I want from a ship except for armor and maneuverability. I’m definitely looking forward to flying the Drake Vulture more the next patch.

Welcome to ADI I look forward to playing with you we have a great group of players to play with

Welcome to ADI. See you in mumble

Welcome aboard, Lumberjaxx.

Welcome To ADI see you in the verse

Welcome to ADI Lumber!!!