Introduction Luke

My name is luke username ExspandY ive been playing star citizen for a year now i have tons of experience in star citizen and own a bunch of auec ships and im looking to play star citizen with some people.

Welcome ExspandY, you’ve landed in a good place!

Welcome to ADI, Luke! You’ve found your place if you’re looking to get in on some co-op play. Take some time to explore ADI Discord and introduce yourself to the crew. There is usually one or more gaming sessions going on to jump into. Hope to see you in the verse!

Welcome in @Exspandy! Glad you joined and hope to see you in the verse!

Welcome to ADI Luke! We are happy to have you here with us!!

Welcome aboard Luke!

Hello ExpandY and welcome to ADI, see you in the 'verse bud o7

Welcome to ADI! Big patch is a great time to get into an Org for more social and structured play. Good choice!

Welcome ExspandY, Glad to have you in ADI. Like the others above said great time to get into the Org lots of members running various things. Keep an eye out in LFG or hop into chatting and just hang out.

Welcome to ADI!! Cant wait to see you out there!!